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Shelling Key Chains by CousinBelles

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

Check it out ~

I scanned an old Thanksgiving postcard and ‘up cycled’ it!

Purple Pansy Victorian Birthday Greetings Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

I’ll soon be parting with my Victorian postcard collection, so I thought I’d make the best of it by creating Zazzle designs with these unique treasures. This particular card is originally a 3D and in great shape…although you can see some minor wear on this scan.

Not bad for a 100 year old card!!

California Big Sur Ocean View II Magnet by CousinBelles

Alabama Dark Sunset Mousepad by CousinBelles

*Celebrate the “Heart of Dixie” with this mousepad*

Alabama Dark Sunset Mousepad

THANK you to the customer who bought one of these!

THANK YOU to the customer who bought one of these!

I appreciate each and every purchase {hearts}.