Archive | July 1, 2012

Boardwalk Mouse Pad by CousinBelles

Boardwalk Mouse Pad
Boardwalk Mouse Pad by CousinBelles
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Boardwalk Bag by CousinBelles

I have many fond memories of days and nights, strolling on the boardwalks of America. I thought I’d pay tribute to boardwalk oceanside scene – boarders coming back and going into the water…

Boardwalk Bag
Boardwalk Bag by CousinBelles
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Rise and Shine! “Rise and Shine” Rooster Mug by CousinBelles

Rise and Shine Rooster Refrigerator Magnet by CousinBelles

I love designing and creating! I’m not a morning person myself, so this suggestion is for me 😀

Rise and Shine Rooster Refrigerator Magnet