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NEW! “Pink Pearl Oyster” Greeting Card by CousinBelles

Shiny! Pearly!

NEW! “Pink Hydrangea” Vibe iPhone 4 Covers by CousinBelles

Forget the calendar, Spring has sprung in my store!

Pink Hydrangea Vibe iPhone 4 Covers
Pink Hydrangea Vibe iPhone 4 Covers by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Clematis In Bloom” Card by CousinBelles

Even though it’s still Winter, your Spring flowers are trying to take in all water and warmth so they can soon show their true colors…soon…

~enjoy some clematis~

NEW! “Hyacinth in Bloom Cards” by CousinBelles

It’s almost time for the Spring bulbs to pop up – here’s a reminder of Spring’s treasures!

~Have some hyacinths and tulips~
Hyacinth in Bloom Cards
Hyacinth in Bloom Cards by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Strawberries Tee Shirt” by CousinBelles

If this shirt had been available in 1977,

I’d have been wearin’ it!!

I live vicariously through my tshirts ūüėÄ

Strawberries Tee Shirt
Strawberries Tee Shirt by CousinBelles
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NEW! Strawberries Card by CousinBelles

Just in time for Spring Рthink berry good thoughts! 

Strawberries Card
Strawberries Card by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Vintage Tractor Flowers Shirts” by CousinBelles

Not all tractor shirts are for the boys!!

NEW! “Truth & Justice – For Those Who Can Afford It” Tee Shirts by CousinBelles

That’s right, I said it.

While I’m not entirely cynical, I’ve dealt with plenty of injustices – I made this design on behalf of others who’ve not been able to get the truth out & the justice they deserve!!!

NEW! “Spanish Rose Red and Black Text Tee Shirt” by CousinBelles

~Me gusta~

(I like it!)

Celebrate your Spanish heritage with the iconic “Spanish Rose”…¬°ol√©!

It’s Nigh Unto St. Patrick’s Day – Play Some Cards With “St. Patrick’s Souvenir Vintage Victorian Postcard Deck” by CousinBelles

Got any Irish in ya?

No need to, just buy yourself or a loved one a deck of cards to last throughout the year!