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Chesapeake Freeze-up

My area is looking like this also…and more snow is coming soon!


My in-laws are out-of-town (they live a mile away from us on the bay) and we’re caring for their dog every day.  This morning we walked over to the bay side (we live on the creek side) and took Savannah (the dog) out for her walk.  I captured a few images of the bay this morning, because I’ve never seen this much ice out there.  I’ve heard stories of the “old days” when the bay would freeze right across, and now that we’ve experienced this cold snap I realize how cold for how long that would take.  Maybe the world is getting warmer.  Regardless, here are the photos – several taken from the vantage point of upstairs at my in-laws.  Oh – it was 5 degrees F this morning at 0730. . .


These photos were taken with my wife’s point-&-shoot Sony HX7V.  I’ve done quite a bit of post-processing…

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Muster your Liquid Courage! Flasks are here

Bottom’s up!!

Zazzle Blog

We recently launched one of our most fun – and useful! – accessories: the custom hip flask. These little liquid-holders are so versatile, we already have an amazing selection of fun designs to choose from.

Feeling a little sassy after that Liquid Courage? Get your message across with a hilariously snarky remark.



Making it all the way through your Big Day might require a sneaky little pick-me-up. These bride and groom flasks are the perfect addition to any wedding day survival kit.



It’s always a good idea not to take life too seriously. Just remember: vodka always lies, and you should always self-medicate responsibly.



What to get for the freshly-minted 21-year-old that doesn’t already come in a glass?  How about a little something portable for their potables, that proclaims their status as a legal drinker. Party on!



How could we…

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Friday Giftures and Goal Disappointment

From “Ben’s Bitter Blog” – animated gifs!

Ben's Bitter Blog

It is Friday and things have been a little too ambitious up in here.  For instance, I hear the weather in the vortexy area of the United States is working overtime stacking two inches of fat stacks of white frozen angel water upon the grounds of Georgia. When even weather is trying to meet goals, it is time to slow down.   It is almost February people!  This is the time of the year when people are giving up on our resolutions! Get less motivated people!  Start to quit! In case you needed some help, here are some demotivational gifs to get you back to slacking this week:

Set the bar lower for goodness sake:  

That’s good for today…

Do a little less Facetime chatting:

Do you ever feel like a paper bag…

Here we go…First load of the day…

Show someone how much you despise them…

Go nowhere fast…

Quit that diet…

Go to a concert…

Start a new…

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