Saturday Night Live comes to Canada (en Francais)

I had no idea there were international versions of Saturday Night Live!! I’ve watched this show since its inception and continue to watch today…

The Canadian origins of Saturday Night Live are well-known to anyone familiar with producer Lorne Michaels and some of the cast members he hired along the way — from Dan Aykroyd and Paul Shaffer, to Phil Hartman and Mike Myers, to Norm Macdonald and Mark McKinney.

Yet the show will be produced for the first time north of the border in a different way as the SNL brand is imported for a pair of French-language specials next winter on the provincial public broadcaster Tele-Quebec.

The announcement of the productions noted that they are being developed in conjunction with the province’s Ecole nationale de l’humour — thus fall in line with the programming agenda of Quebec’s education station.

The episodes of SNL Quebec — the announced name of the shows rather than Samedi Soir En Direct — announced for Feb. 8 and March 22, 2014 will feature six cast members in the…

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