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Blogging By The Numbers

Dear reader, I see that you stopped in – THANK YOU!

I’m very thankful for everyone who tunes into what I have to say and display to the world. I try my best to have interesting Zazzle products and to post fascinating articles for your enjoyment. I’ve always loved current events and pop culture, so I hope you’ve had fun and learned something new from my blog.

I’m also trying to change careers – and for me, that’s led me to change focus a bit. I’m exploring photography more, so expect some more photos. I’m working on obtaining a DSLR camera to highlight what I believe is a burgeoning career in that field. However, that’s a longer-term project. In the short-term, I’m trying my hand, literally, at blogging to create an online portfolio to showcase my writing skills.

As of this writing, I don’t yet have 100 bloggers, and I see that many people I follow have thousands – I aspire to have that kind of audience! I’m learning from all of you every day.

Many of you are fellow Zazzlers, many are full-time bloggers, and many are WordPress supporters. You’ve been with me, clicking on and “liking” my posts, which is extremely helpful to me in so many ways. You are helping someone personally and professionally, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Again, thank you for your kindness in helping a fellow blogger out 🙂

Covert Disinformation – Big Business For Job Seekers

Did you know there’s a “deception service” you can pay to lie for you? Lies and deception is apparently big business these days – especially for job seekers! Apparently, one former private investigator put his own skills out there as an entrepreneur to start a company that fulfills a market need.

Paladin Deception Services offers:

…to assist you in obtaining the fictitious reference, the little white lie, or the alibi that you need. Our agency can provide you with either male or female testimonials over the phone in the local area code that you require.  We’re confidential, professional, innovative, and affordable.  Most importantly, we keep it legal.  Get the verification that you need.”

Is lying illegal? This is a troubling dilemma for some, but the above mentioned business will not go around the law to provide services, And yes, there’s a caveat – you MAY get fired from your job if caught lying. Is it really worth looking over your shoulder to keep up the façade? Can you remember and keep track of your lies/stories?

Paladin isn’t the only disinformation service out there. CareerExcuse.comThe Reference Store and Fake Your Job offer to span the gaps in employment, and cover your hide to smooth out any resume wrinkles that might be a red flag.

I know the job market is tight, and businesses are failing…but many businesses are starting, too. I’m out in the job market looking myself, but I wouldn’t lie or deceive to get my next job. Karma is a you-know-what, and I don’t need any hellhounds on my trail!

50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree (Part 1) | Mr. Money Mustache

50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree (Part 1) | Mr. Money Mustache.

GREAT IDEAS for your next career if you don’t have a college degree!!