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It’s OK To Be A Winer

…that’s someone who likes WINE…

“The Wizard Of Oz” Pinball Game Review

Rehoboth Beach DE – Pinball, Summer 2013

“The Wizard Of Oz” Pinball Game – number #247 of 1000

Jersey Jack Pinball

My review:

When I finally got to play this game (kids before me did well and played awhile), I sucked at it.

If you’ve played pinball for decades, you occasionally run across games that you just don’t master in 10 minutes…and this was one of mine. For some reason I just didn’t get the hang of it, and at $1 a play, I decided that 3 games was plenty of fail!!

I loved the aesthetics of the game: glittering ruby slippers as flippers (!), the upper level spinning Kansas house, the yellow brick road on the playing field, the spooky tree bumpers, the eerie Wizard’s green head, the nightmarish flying monkeys, and multi ball – what’s not to love? It’s truly a work of art and fun.

Check out the impressive number tag – love the quippy quote from the movie.


The lights and sounds are fascinating, and maybe I got distracted. It may be an easy game to some, but it stumped me. I hate when that happens. I would recommend it, however – just because I didn’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s not playable or fun. To me, I relate it to “Flappy Bird”…so frustrating, you feel compelled to keep playing so you can win. I do enjoy TV and movie-based games, and I believe they’re not meant to stump and torment you. For this reason, I’ll play again, sometime, somewhere. If I ever get a chance and tons of money to blow on a game, I’ll try it again…and maybe this time I’ll consume several glasses of wine beforehand!

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