WARNING – Don’t Ever Post Your Info On Careerbuilder!!!

Do not sign up with Careerbuilder.com

Dear Reader…

I’ve learned the hard way. While job-hunting, of course I went to the biggest online job-hunting websites to not only search for jobs, but hoping companies searched for me.

My list:

  • Indeed.com
  • Dice.com – best for technical jobs
  • Careerbuilder.com – DO NOT USE
  • Monster.com
  • Robert Half Int’l
  • TekSystems / Thingamajob
  • Kelly Technical
  • Experis
  • Yoh

Some of these are strictly tekkie sites, but I digress…do not sign up with Careerbuilder.com. They are the WORST source of spam I’ve ever seen in my life. I could tell from the way I set up my profile on there that CareerBuilder was the source of the spam. I was intentionally and against my will subscribed to about 20 spammers who sent me jobs listings all day. Of course, that means I have to unsubscribe to all of them, which means they now have my email address for their future reference, and I’m extremely angry at this. I value my privacy, and I’m telling everyone to stay off CareerBuilder.com – I’m not so sure they’re running a legal business because of all the spammers. CareerBuilder is a scam to get your information resold, and to auto-subscribe me to a bunch of junk “job opportunity” spam emails. Identity theft, anyone?!

In addition, CareerBuilder has this “feature” (and I use the term loosely) that a job seeker can view who’s looked at their résumé or profile, and this seems like a good idea until you realize that these are the spammers and this is how they get to your information…and they can probably glean personal information from you while they’re at it. It’s like a spammers heaven – your info, your email address, your name/address/phone or whatever you left out there…identity probably abounds. I’m fed up, and if I can find a way to report them, I will. The feds need to check them out! Thank God I didn’t put my name on my résumé – nor did I put my address/city, nor phone number. I tell ya, I’m still upset that even my email address is now in the hands of probably hundreds of companies willing to spam/phish me or steal my identity. CareerBuilder should be shut down – blacklisting isn’t punishment enough.

I’m pissed off, people – you can certainly look for jobs using CareerBuilder, but don’t ever register for an account…

SPAMMERS who auto-suscribed me to their own spam:





email@worknowamericamail.com via amazonses.com 





noreply@jobperformanceteam.com via sendgrid.info 



careers@insphereis.com via bounce.insphereinsurance.mkt4449.com

custom@inspheris.com via bounce.insphereinsurance.mkt4449.com 




One thought on “WARNING – Don’t Ever Post Your Info On Careerbuilder!!!

  1. localhires.com is the worst type of spammer. The unsubscribe link times out every single time. The server stops responding. And there’s no set of utility links on the site. This means it’s impossible to unsubscribe, because the site is a ghost.


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