The Smart Crowd – Lionbridge Work From Home Positions

United States of America – The Smart Crowd

Lionbridge is a company that I’ve applied with, and they’re very responsive!

I can verify that you need a newer SMARTPHONE (i.e. iPhone 4S+, Android) in order to work at home for one of their operator/phone positions. If you don’t have a newer one (and I don’t), you can always apply for one of their internet only positions, provided your hardware/PC/Mac/software requirements meet theirs.

The big thing I’m finding with these types of jobs is INTERNET SPEED – your internet download speed usually needs to be 3Mbps (3 megabytes per second), and an minimum upload speed of 1Mbps. I don’t have the upload speed – I tried with my internet service provider, and just can’t get it fast enough due to physical limitations in my apartment complex.

SO, try going for a job at LIONBRIDGE – they’ve been responsive, and hopefully you’ll hear back from them soon!!





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