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Cousin Belle – Clothing Huckster

Ya’ll, I have to you tell you – even though I have a Zazzle store, THIS new clothing endeavor has a whole new meaning…

I got a “real job” at an upscale department store!

I now work at a store in a well-trafficked mall in a large Southern city. Dressing up for work like a respectable person is difficult, I must admit. I love wearing my own t-shirts and jeans, so this whole blouse and skirt thing is gonna take some getting used to. And standing for hours, not having Italian-made shoes that are comfortable. And I have to behave. And I have to remember passwords and dressing room keys…it’s a struggle.

I have no parents, husband or boyfriend to help me financially, so the pressure is quite literally, all on me to make it. It’s a commission only job – no need to fear, the department where I work is very “high end”, and I sell “suits” and “garments” (swanky, no?). I was very unsure of how I’d do at this job, seeing as how I haven’t worked in retail since…ever. I discovered a hidden talent for it, though, and I’m doing great with selling. It’s a scary venture, going into a commission only job. It’s like do-or-die, sink-or-swim and you hope you have VERY strong arms!

Speaking of arms, I must tell you…yesterday, I saw a salesgirl accidentally yank off a mannequin’s arm and it MADE MY DAY!!! It had strong magnets to attach, not broken, but she got knocked on her butt removing it. The force was strong with that one!

I don’t have a fascination with mannequins, I just have a love of tormenting them as though they are human. I admit I now ‘talk’ to them, condescendingly, and crack jokes about them. Is that bad??

I don’t fear mannequins – they’re creepy and wonderful, like I said in my last post. I think the almost morbid fascination comes from us humans, having sentience, don’t like looking at ourselves without “life” or animation. It’s like, we’re looking at cold, unthinking humans, when really, they are only representations of humans. Now, I know you know that, but think about the people who subconsciously give life to inanimate objects – happens all the time, and it may not even register.

This is where fear comes in. Many people are afraid of mannequins, puppets, dolls, statues, robots and mimes. More on this soon 😀

I’ll be posting more “scenes from a department store” stories shortly – I’ve been there 3 weeks and already have some worthy stories…

Thanks for supporting me!!


P.S. – for you ladies…here are some naked man-nequins (tee hee) with bulges:

P.P.S. – is that a “reach back”?

P.P.P.S. – notice the unattached arm on the shelf! YESSSSS!!!!!