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Work From Home Opportunities – Phone Sex Operator

!!Work From Home Opportunities – Phone Sex Operator!!



YES, I SAID IT!! Ya’ll, this is still a very popular “work from home” job, so don’t knock it! And yes, there are plenty of paying phone customers out there for you to talk to. Not everything is on the internet!

Face it; sex sells, and some business ventures are very important revenue streams for some people. Many a “stay at home” mom has ventured into this category of the sex industry, so when you read what I’m going to say, try not to judge too harshly – it may be just the job you’re looking for.

After much ambitious research, I’ve seen that many people who prefer to work at home enjoy this type of job, male and female. I’ve previously published blog articles on working from home, and even mentioned specifics on which companies I’ve researched.  I can’t personally recommend companies, but if you’re going to get into this line of work, please research it thoroughly.

Sure, there are some phone sex operators that are sex addicts/nymphomaniacs, but I would venture to say that most women in the trade have normal or heightened sexual desire, and are great phone actresses. Phone acting to satisfy a caller’s sexual fantasies is what it’s all about, and sometimes, the caller just wants someone to talk to.

Some operators have rediscovered their own sexuality and proclivities by getting into this line of work – it can be beneficial for the sexually repressed.

Types of calls – popular are many fetishes that callers want to talk about, and if you have fetishes yourself, or else know a lot about them, this might be a great line of work to get into. You’d be a great asset to the sex industry if you are able to help callers sort out their fetishes and fantasies by fulfilling them, and you can do this over the phone with no personal contact, and no fear of your identity being discovered. Many calls are brief; some are long and drawn out. Most will be a ‘get rich quick’ call, if you know what I mean. However, every call adds up, and the dollars are made. Calls range from talking about fetishes, bondage, teasing, role playing, pure sex, oral sex, forbidden sex, and for every niche, there’s an operator. That said, if you would like to, you can always create your operator identity in such a way as to only cover topics you want to speak about – you’re in control. There’s also a category called “Vanilla” where you don’t talk about very spicy sexual things…hey, there’s a market for that!

Types of callers – Callers might appreciate hearing that someone else shares their same desires, and it could ultimately help make their world a little better and a litter brighter – always nice to know you helped put a person in a “better place”. Perhaps you’ll heal and give freedom to the sexually oppressed. We’re all human, and some callers are very lonely people, and you can be paid to keep them company. Sure, I’ve read that many callers are real psychos, but you are not obligated to keep this kind of people on the phone – you can hang up. If you work for the ‘right’ company, you never have to indulge these types of callers.

It’s a big world out there – the job isn’t right for everyone, but it can be for the few who decide to tackle the intimate side of the economy…