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REDDIT: I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal.

I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal

Date Time Person Description
20 Aug 12pm Pernille Ironside Chief of UNICEF’s Gaza Field Office
20 Aug 12pm Pierce Brosnan Actor
20 Aug 1pm Rick Perlstein Author & Journalist
20 Aug 2pm Seth Meyers Host: Emmys, Late Night
20 Aug 3pm Thomas Tulak Lostboy in “Hook
20 Aug 3pm Max Tegmark Author and MIT professor
20 Aug 3pm Jewel Staite Actress, Firefly and The Killing
20 Aug 6pm Rebecca Sugar Creator, Steven Universe
21 Aug 9am Josh Brolin Actor
21 Aug 10:45am Cherien Dabis andAlia Shawkat Filmmaker/actress, Actress
21 Aug 12pm YouPorn Adult Website
21 Aug 3pm Peter Larson paleontologist
21 Aug 4:30pm Josef NewgardenJustin Wilson Indy Drivers
21 Aug 6pm Nolan Bushnell Engineer, entrepreneur, founder: Atari, Chuck E. Cheese
21 Aug 8pm Gordon Lightfoot Musician
22 Aug 12pm Dave DeVillez CEO and Founder of Om Audio
22 Aug 8pm Brad Rutter Jeopardy! champion
26 Aug 2pm Death From Above 1979 Band
26 Aug 5:45pm Mary Murphy Judge, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE
26 Aug 7pm Peter Watts Author
26 Aug 9pm Gov. Gary Johnson Former Governor of New Mexico
27 Aug 11am David Mackenzie Director
28 Aug 1pm Jim Manosand Bill Schultz creator of Dexter and producer of The Simpsons
28 Aug 4pm Beth Macy Author, “Factory Man”
29 Aug 1pm Tom Dolby, Tom Williams Last Weekend
29 Aug 4:30pm Christoph Baaden director / producer