I’m an unconventional “gal” – I’m a free-spirited woman who doesn’t follow many rules. I believe God made me that way, although I’m sure that sounds contradictory. I prefer to think of myself as being one of God’s freewheeling ambassadors!

Cousin Belle’s Zazzle store is place of whimsy and variety – I’m sure there’s something you’ll like. We personally thank you for your perusal and purchase!! Stay tuned for more designs…new products are uploaded frequently.

My dream is to live in a boat. That said, I want to live in a hotel, a tiny house and an RV at some point in my life.

I love photography, and am saving up to get a great DSLR camera.

I blog because I love to keep in touch with the world around me, and I enjoying sharing my experiences.

Keep yourself as peaceful as possible, all the time – you deserve a wonderful life.

Bless your heart,
Cousin Belle


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