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“Idle No More” Products on Zazzle

I’m more than happy to promote “Idle No More” items on WordPress!!

~If you don’t know what the Idle No More movement is about, a primer is here – it’s spread into America~

A teach-in is coming near you!


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NEW! “Sailing, Sailing, Over The Bounding Main” Designs

Sailing, sailing,
Over the bounding main,
For many a stormy wind shall blow
Ere Jack comes home again!

“Truth + Justice…For Those Who Can Afford It” Skin For iPhone 2G by CousinBelles

For the cynic in you…

California Big Sur Ocean View Postcards by CousinBelles

Celebrate Independence Aprons by CousinBelles

Be the best dressed at your 4th of July cookout!


Celebrate Independence Aprons
Celebrate Independence Aprons by CousinBelles
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Celebrate Independence Card by CousinBelles

Statue Of Liberty Green Gradient Decals For The Nook by CousinBelles

Statue Of Liberty Green Gradient Magnet

Happy 4th of July!

Statue Of Liberty Green Gradient Magnet
Statue Of Liberty Green Gradient Magnet by CousinBelles
Make your own magnets at zazzle.com

“Sail On” by CousinBelles

Remind you of The Commodores? See what I did there…?

And I love antique maps…

Sail On by CousinBelles
Create custom photo note cards at zazzle.com.