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NEW! Rosarian Designs, Peach and Red

Being a rosarian is something I take pride in, and I love to dig into the notion whenever I can (no pun intended).

I honestly haven’t grown roses in years due to my location mobility, but I do check out municipal gardens whenever I can. I love the smell of roses, their growth cycle, their infinite colors…what’s not to love? You can grow them in a garden, in a pot, you can snip them off to enjoy at home. AND, once they’re “spent”, you can then dry them – everlasting joy!

So, if you’re like me, you are a rosarian – one who loves and enjoys roses. No need to ever have grown them to appreciate them. These 2 designs are for you!

Rosarian Red iPad Mini Cases
Rosarian Red iPad Mini Cases by CousinBelles
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Rosarian Red Tag For Bags
Rosarian Red Tag For Bags by CousinBelles
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Rosarian Red Shirt
Rosarian Red Shirt by CousinBelles
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Recommended Cult Classic: “Freaks” [1932]

The Movie “Freaks” – Why It’s A Cult Classic

Gooba – Gobba
Gooba – Gobba
One of us!
One of us!

What does it all mean?!

I own this movie, and it’s hard to believe it was made in 1932. It’s an honest and literal look into the world of 1932 circus-folk. Generally speaking, circus employees are often counted as weird, offbeat, dirty, homeless “freaks” who don’t fit into mainstream society, but this movie showcases their lives as defying those stereotypes. That said, the characters in the movie aren’t just characters – they really WERE “circus freaks”! The more appropriate name is “side show performers”. There are dwarves, a strong man, bearded lady, acrobats, hydroencephalics, armless and legless people, Siamese twins, and a hermaphrodite (Josephine Joseph). Considering many of the “actors” were not, they’ve done a great job.

There are some people who see this movie as very disturbing – it can be unsettling to see people with severe deformities. However, I enjoy the humanity of it. At the end of the day, we’re all people.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but it’s main theme is that you can’t judge a book by its cover, several layers deep. Fascinating study of human and inhuman behavior. The above scene is in reference to the circus people accepting an outsider into their tight-knit group.

“One of us! One of us!” – now you’ll know where it came from!

Pop culture reference: South Park episode – John and Patsy Ramsey

And, of course, the Simpsons did it!

50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree (Part 2) | Mr. Money Mustache

50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree (Part 2) | Mr. Money Mustache.

50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree (Part 1) | Mr. Money Mustache

50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree (Part 1) | Mr. Money Mustache.

GREAT IDEAS for your next career if you don’t have a college degree!!

“This 16th Century Book Can Be Read Six Different Ways”

I don’t see a WordPress shareable link, so I’ll post an excerpt from Colossal:

“…Printed in the late 16th century this small book from the National Library of Sweden is an example of sixfold dos-à-dos binding, where six books are conjoined into a single publication but can be read individually with the help of six perfectly placed clasps. This particular book was printed in Germany and like almost all books at the time is a religious devotional text.”

Special thanks to Erik Kwakkel for the original story.

Pic: Stockholm, Royal Library. See the full image gallery here.

Stockholm, Royal Library

THANK YOU For Purchasing The “Georgia Peach Postcards” by CousinBelles

Folks, I’m humbled not only by your interest, but your purchases…


Celebrate Independence Card by CousinBelles

Virginia – River View Postcards by CousinBelles