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“I Am A” – where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal – Reddit

I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal

Date Time Person Description
14 Jul 1pm Nathan Fielder Writer, Comedian
14 Jul 3pm Kyle Nicolaides Beware of Darkness
14 Jul 5pm Wendy Williams Media personality, actress and author
14 Jul 5:30pm Misha Collins Actor, GISHWHES
14 Jul 9pm Scott Neeson Philanthropist and former film executive
15 Jul 10:30am Chip Pickeringand Marvin Ammori Former Republican Congressman and net neutrality advocates
15 Jul 11am Bill Nye, Ellen Stofan, Robert Pappalardo Scientists
15 Jul 12pm Meridith Baer Home Stager
15 Jul 2pm “Weird” Al Yankovic Comedian
15 Jul 3pm Forrest Griffin UFC Hall of Famer
15 Jul 5pm Kate S. Logan, David Wernsman Kidnapped for Christ
16 Jul 9am Edward Castronova Author
16 Jul 2pm Jonathan Rinzler Writer, editor: Lucasfilm
16 Jul 3pm Trampled By Turtles Band
16 Jul 4pm Margaret Stohl & Marie Lu Authors
16 Jul 5pm Linda Perry Musician, songwriter, and record producer
17 Jul 10am James Mischka, Mark Badgley Badgley Mischka
17 Jul 12pm Seth Moulton Ex-marine, politician
17 Jul 1pm Zach Braff Writer, Actor, Director
17 Jul 5pm Nicole richie Television Personality
18 Jul 2pm Kristin Bauer Actress
18 Jul 4:30pm Paul Debevec Visual effects pioneer
20 Jul 1pm Robert Kiviat Alien & UFO expert
21 Jul 2:30pm Zac Posen Fashion Designer
22 Jul 11am Mogwai Musical artists
22 Jul 1pm Nick Swardson Comedian, Actor
22 Jul 2pm Chuck Klosterman Author
23 Jul 9am Seedcamp Seed investor
24 Jul 1pm Kevin Brown Actor
24 Jul 4pm Marshall Phelps Article One Partners

How You Can Help The Universe – Get Involved In Citizen Science Projects!

You know how I like interactive websites…this is “Zooniverse“. Citizens unite for science and help the world!

“The Zooniverse is a collection of web-based citizen science projects that use the efforts of volunteers to help researchers deal with the flood of data that confronts them.”

This is a video by Google which shows you how important you are in scientific research (this pertains to space):

Could you discover a galaxy? Yes! But it’s not all about space – there’s so much more!

Do you like to take part in science projects, or experiment in labs? Zooniverse may be just the thing you need to stretch out your science legs and help mankind in the process. It’s like information crowd-sourcing for geeks!

 With ticklers like “Hear Whales communicate“, “Model Earth’s climate using historic ship logs“, “You’re hot on the trail of bats!“, “Study the lives of ancient Greeks“, “Help astronomers understand star clusters” and  “Go wild in the Serengeti!“, they not only educate, but invite the public to help process and transcribe science data, as well as have you interact with the data so you can declare your own observations. I’ve started to do some specimen transcriptions, and while that might seem boring to some, I thoroughly enjoy it.

The world needs our help – having a collective hive of interested and excited people take a look at the wonders of the world will certainly create more understanding, more documentation, and more collective scientific knowledge that we all need and can share worldwide. Bill Nye and Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson will be proud of you 😀

Go have fun and be that scientific citizen detective –  the world will thank you!

“4,909 Users already participating

We have thousands of specimen images, labels and ledgers from museum collections and the biologists who maintain those collections. These contain information about the where and when a species was found in the past. We need you to help us transcribe that data and make it available for further use in biodiversity and conservation research. Along the way, you will be possibly be finding species that have never been observed anywhere else!”