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Up to 50% Off Our Legendary Products | 10% Off All Orders!     Celebrate Zazzle’s 10th Birthday!     Ends Sunday     Use Code: TENTH4ZAZZLE     Details

Happy 90th Birthday, Bob Barker!!

Ummmmmmm hm!

That’s 90 years of sexy to celebrate!!

Yeah, I said it…

Did you know that Bob Barker is ⅛ Rosebud Sioux? Oh yes, he even lived on the reservation in South Dakota during which time his mother was a teacher.

I claim that he’s a full-blooded sexy nonagenarian!! I would also tell you that him being Native is WHY he’s so damn sexy, but you can decide for yourself. I often wondered why he had such a dark complexion and perfect black hair…now YOU know!!

Bob Barker hosting “Truth or Consequences” Copyright USAToday

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SORRY so late in posting – I didn’t even see it!! I think I’ll buy my own stuff, LOL!!


UP TO 60% OFF To Celebrate Zazzle’s Birthday! Today Only! Use Code: BDAYALLDEALZ 


Neptunalia Shirts by CousinBelles

The Zazzle Tshirt creator works again, so some designs are now available on shirts!!

Purple Pansy Victorian Birthday Greetings Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

I’ll soon be parting with my Victorian postcard collection, so I thought I’d make the best of it by creating Zazzle designs with these unique treasures. This particular card is originally a 3D and in great shape…although you can see some minor wear on this scan.

Not bad for a 100 year old card!!