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Shelling / Beach-combing – A Year Round Hobby

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Shelling is a favorite pastime of mine, and the best part is, it can be done year-round.

Storms churn the sea, bringing up many long-hidden ocean treasures up on shore. Yes, the windy Winter months are harsher for shellers, but with several layers to keep warm (a rain poncho helps), you can gather those hard-to-find shells you’ve been waiting for.

Where I live, the Gulf Stream is ever-faithful to bring up surprises from all over. My latest goals are finding dark purple quahog and conch shells. I’m going to make some wampum jewelry with my trusty Dremel tool, and I need some conch shell to experiment making other jewelry beads, or whatever I come up with. Will post pictures when I can get further South…

Shelling Tees

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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “South Carolina Airbrush Sunset” Post Card

Fond memories of the Carolinas in graphic form…Charleston came to mind for this particular design!

South Carolina Airbrush Sunset Post Card

Bring On The “Tourons”!!!



From the Urban Dictionary:

Touron – “The derogatory term combines the words “Tourist” with “Moron” to describe any person who, while on vacation, commits an act of pure stupidity. 

The term has its roots in the resort, park service and service industries and can easily be dated back at least as far as the mid 1970’s. It is widely used throughout the US, but may not be in general use by mainstream society. 

Mostly an inside “Joke”, created to vent emotion when dealing with the public.”…

Emerald Isle Beach, NC at Sunset Ipad Case by CousinBelles

Shelling Key Chains by CousinBelles

Emerald Isle Shell Closeup Card by CousinBelles

I can honestly tell you…I have no idea what this is. 

Is it a rock? Shell? Bone?

Whatever it is, I was intrigued enough to take this photo at Emerald Isle, NC.

Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

Not my shell collection actually, but it was there for the {picture} taking!

Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Greeting Cards
Emerald Isle Beach Seashell Collection Greeting Cards by CousinBelles
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North Carolina Lighthouse Sun Tee Shirts by CousinBelles

Myrtle Beach SC Palm Tree Coffee Mug by CousinBelles

Brown & Pink “By The Beautiful Sea” T Shirts by CousinBelles

Myrtle Beach SC Palm Tree Ringer Mugs by CousinBelles

Love me some Myrtle, ya’ll!!

Myrtle Beach SC Palm Tree Mugs