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How to Cook More than Rice in a Rice Cooker | Howcast

How to Cook More than Rice in a Rice Cooker | Howcast

I consider myself a little unconventional, and quirky at best. That’s one reason why this idea appeals to me – cooking other things in a rice cooker – it’s not just for rice anymore!

Thanks to some inventive cooks, there are instructional videos out there that demonstrate the extraordinarily easy ways to use a rice cooker like a slow cooker. You basically dump all the ingredients in and press the lever. I’ve done this hundreds of times to cook many things, so I can vouch for its ease and convenience! I cook for one, so the size is perfect when a Crock-Pot is too large for the task.

I own a Zojirushi brand rice cooker, and it has a steamer tray that fits inside – imagine the savory dishes you can make. I’ve boiled pasta, sautéed onions (for french onion soup), baked/mashed potatoes, hominy casserole, bacon, hard-boiled and scrambled eggs, ramen, sloppy joes, soup stock from beef bones…the possibilities are endless.

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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Florida Airbrushed Look Orange Sunset Palm Trees” Apron

Thank you so much!

I’m hoping you thoroughly enjoy cooking in this retro-inspired Florida apron 🙂


Strawberry Daiquiri Apron by CousinBelles