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Sarasota On My Mind…

Have you ever been to the beach around Sarasota or Clearwater, Florida? The sand is finely ocean-ground white quartz, and it looks like sugar. It feels cold on your feet! The water, because it’s “Gulf-side”, is very aqua, and words can’t even describe the beauty.

Here is a favorite design of mine –  I included the pinkish sun-glow, the white sand, and aqua blue waters:

How To Pronounce “Florida”

Customize It All

I was born elsewhere, but lived several years in Florida – I always pronounce it “FLAR-ih-duh”.

If you grew up there, you pronounce it “FLOOR-ih-duh”.

Actually, the latter is closest to the original Spanish name, but either pronunciation is acceptable. However, depending on which way you choose to say it, they can tell if you’re a native!

Lemons Puzzle

FLORIDA Mousepads

FLORIDA Retro Neon Palm Trees Mouse Pad

Florida Airbrushed-Look Sunset Designs

Released last year, I thought I’d repost – must think Spring!

ZazzleFloridaAirbrushSunsetShirtFlorida Airbrush Sunset magnets
Florida Airbrush Sunset mugs


Florida Airbrush Sunset cards


Florida Airbrush Sunset cards


Florida Airbrush Sunset cards


Florida Orange and Black Palm Trees – Fridge Magnets

Also comes in square!!

I love some touristy fridge magnets…

Retro Florida Orange – Mousepad

Remember the touristy Florida orange designs from the 1970’s??

I made one!!