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I’m a “ZPro” Zazzle Seller!!

I don’t think I ever announced this, but I’m now a “ZPro” Zazzle seller!! zproseller_logo

“Zazzle ProSellers are the most successful Sellers on Zazzle. We are very proud to recognize your accomplishments within the Zazzle Community and we look forward to supporting and accelerating your continued growth and success!

The 2013 ProSellers program is a FREE, invitation-only Seller benefits program. As a part of the program, members will enjoy exclusive benefits aimed at accelerating the growth and success of their business on Zazzle.

Qualifying is easy and based on lifetime earnings – Basic ProSellers only need to earn $100 to participate!”


The Benefits
The Requirements


Last Minute Gift Idea – Zazzle Gift Cards!

Actually, I think Zazzle Gift Cards are a great idea…I know people sometimes dislike gift cards, but I do love them! Givers don’t always know what recipients like, but Zazzle is the kind of online marketplace that has something for everybody…



ZAZZLE SALE: Christmas is Coming! SAVE UP TO 60% DURING THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN SALE! Ends Thursday Click for Code— 10 % Off Sitewide — 60% OFF Posters 50% OFF Cards Labels Stickers 40% OFF Cases Bags 30% OFF Mugs Plates Lamps 20% OFF T-Shirts Scarves Leggings

Christmas is Coming!  SAVE UP TO 60% DURING THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN SALE!     Ends Thursday    Click for Code


— 10 % Off Sitewide —










NEW! Prague Astronomical Clock – Neon

Czech the time!

An interesting take on a medieval astronomical clock that’s located in Prague, Czech Republic – read more here:


Prague Astronomical Clock - Neon Greeting Cards
Prague Astronomical Clock – Neon Greeting Cards by CousinBelles
Check out more Astronomy Cards at Zazzle

Prague Astronomical Clock - Neon cards

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Grandfather Clock Face” Card


I don’t mean to give you a sad story, but it’s true – this photo was taken 6 minutes before the start of a funeral for someone who died very young. I saw this beautiful clock across the room in the funeral home and thought it captured a literal moment in time – a moment in life and death.
Despite this sad story, I hope that the image inspires you positively to make the most out of every minute of every day.
Tempus Fugit = “Time Flies”

Grandfather Clock Face Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

Pardon the simplicity, but I was inspired…

Grandfather Clock Face Greeting Cards