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NEW! Rosarian Designs, Peach and Red

Being a rosarian is something I take pride in, and I love to dig into the notion whenever I can (no pun intended).

I honestly haven’t grown roses in years due to my location mobility, but I do check out municipal gardens whenever I can. I love the smell of roses, their growth cycle, their infinite colors…what’s not to love? You can grow them in a garden, in a pot, you can snip them off to enjoy at home. AND, once they’re “spent”, you can then dry them – everlasting joy!

So, if you’re like me, you are a rosarian – one who loves and enjoys roses. No need to ever have grown them to appreciate them. These 2 designs are for you!

Rosarian Red iPad Mini Cases
Rosarian Red iPad Mini Cases by CousinBelles
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Rosarian Red Tag For Bags
Rosarian Red Tag For Bags by CousinBelles
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Rosarian Red Shirt
Rosarian Red Shirt by CousinBelles
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Georgia Peach iPhone 4 + 5 Cases

I stretched out the design a little bit to cover the entire case…

Customize Product
Customize Product by CousinBelles
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The Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights In England, Scotland, Wales / UK [Feb 27, 2014]

Watch the aurora borealis light show over Scotland

BBC > Graeme Whipps Photo



Northern Lights illuminate the UK


BBC photo


Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Illuminate UK

8 stunning images as aurora borealis light up U.K. sky



THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Rooster Attitude” Key Chain!!

THANK YOU, and I hope this trinket helps you find your keys better 😀

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Georgia Peach” Postcard!!


This design seems to be popular in my store, and I’m very happy that it makes you happy 🙂

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Rooster Attitude” Hat!!


Enjoy your hat and wear that rooster proudly 🙂

NEW! Pink Rural Sunset – Customizable Photo

I took this photo on a rural road in Delaware – LOTS of pink sunsets there!

Pulled over and it happened to be near a flooded spot…which reflects like a lake.


Rural Pink Sunset cards

Rural Pink Sunset cards

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NEW! “Vintage Tractor Flowers Shirts” by CousinBelles

Not all tractor shirts are for the boys!!

THANK YOU For Purchasing the “Rustic Birdhouse Skin” For The Nook by CousinBelles

THANK YOU for purchasing this!

Blessing your heart, Cousin Belle

Rise and Shine Rooster Refrigerator Magnet by CousinBelles

I love designing and creating! I’m not a morning person myself, so this suggestion is for me 😀

Rise and Shine Rooster Refrigerator Magnet

Tennessee Fall Tree Scene Magnets by CousinBelles

Tennessee Fall Tree Scene Magnets
Tennessee Fall Tree Scene Magnets by CousinBelles
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