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If You Love Sneakers – Videos – Fun DIY Projects

Do you know what a “Sneakerhead” is? It’s someone who loves sneakers, and for the most part, collects them, keeps them in great condition, loves to read up on them…an athletic shoe hobbyist, if you will. I’m probably not one, but I do love wearing them.

Another facet of this hobby is the DIY projects like cleaning and customizing. I go to YouTube often and watch these videos. Back in the day, I owned a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse high-tops that were red, white and blue – haven’t seen them in years, but I now own three pairs of Chucks (black, navy and gray suede), making a grand total of 8 sneakers. I have no idea why I own so many because I can’t wear them to work. And I don’t work out or go to the gym. I just wanted them.

So, I thought I’d pass along some videos that I thought would be helpful if you have a passion for sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers, or whatever you want to call them. Since I complain about my feet, know that part of the reason I own so many is the ever-expanding size of my feet over the years and the need for comfort is essential…the other is, you can customize sneakers, whereas you really can’t as much with “work” shoes.

Cleaning Secrets: Running Shoes! (How to Get Your Shoes Cleaner, Whiter & Brighter!) Clean My Space

DIY Bleaching / Ombré Converse

DIY: Ombré Sneakers/Converse

Mayor’s $750K Sneaker Collection

10 Types of Sneakerheads

“Just For Kicks” – Sneakers Documentary

DIY – Foot Powder Recipe



I Cut My Own Hair!

Maybe I’m a little more daring than your average woman, but I now love cutting my own hair – and will probably never go to a salon again. I know, most people aren’t that adventurous, but I am! I had the Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction haircut a year ago….and I just let it grow out, straight bangs and all, and it looked terrible. I wanted a new cut, but was undecided on what I wanted ultimately, which lead me to wanting to experiment myself – to see what looked good, what worked, what didn’t, don’t add layers, add layers, add more layers, blunt cut, etc. I could cut it all myself without having to pay every time I wanted to try something. And best of all, cutting my own hair is free!

Know that if you have long hair like me (almost at my waist), you can afford to experiment with cutting your own hair because you have a lot of length to cut; you can cut it in stages without worrying too much about mistakes. That said, there are some fairly fool-proof ways to cut your hair where you won’t have to fear. Basically, if you have hair long enough for a ponytail, you can put your hair in one and straight cut it – yes, it’s that easy. This way adds layers to your hair, which is flattering on everyone. There are plenty of YouTube demonstration videos by professionals and amateurs that show you exactly how to do it (some are below).

Two days ago, I decided to layer my hair, cutting off about 3 inches in length all over. My hair feels so much lighter, and it’s much less frizzy. I don’t even have frizzy hair – I have bone straight, fine hair, but the ends were so split that I looked like I had frizzy hair. So, I took matters into my own hands, literally, and cut my hair off, simple as that. I cut it in multiple layers, and I may hack away more at it, if I find that it still looks frizzy. I noticed that yesterday and today, my hair had gained more volume because the hair isn’t weighted down with that extra length, so the layers are adjusting and flowing quite nicely. Each day, my hair will “learn” how to be lighter and my overall hairstyle will be more bouncy. I even tried the technique of “point cutting” my hair to thin it out some…while fine, I have a ton of hair, and usually the stylist uses thinning shears to keep the bulk and drag away from pulling my hair down flat. Point cutting is a shortcut and mimics thinning shears, since I don’t own any.

I feel I never answered my calling as a hairstylist, but maybe one day, when my life lines up, I’ll be able to go to school and actually get licensed. I can already color my hair; I go to Sally’s Beauty Supply and buy my own toner and peroxide. I’ve never put the wrong color on my hair, and I think I’d be great if I could ever get to school! Although the next color I’m going to use is going to be brown henna – no more chemicals for me.

Anyway, here are some “how to” videos that I watched to get my courage up, so watch them and try a different way to self-grooming – this is free!!

Stars Fell On Alabama Mug by CousinBelles