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“Doge Weather” – So Wow, Such Inform!

I’m not one of those people tired of the “doge” meme from 2013. Some creative types have made “Doge Weather”  – the famous DOGE will give you a weather status, of sorts.

Check out these screen shots of the fun:

DogeWeatherClear DogeWeatherCold DogeWeatherSnowDogeWeatherMistVapor DogeWeatherMistCreepy

Doge = Amaze! Such Wow! Much Internet!

If you haven’t heard of the “doge” meme, it’s time to get educated!

Such Amaze!




Redditors Create Meme-Inspired ‘Dogecoin’ Currency Because 2013

The “Subreddit” category for “Doge”

Comic Sans ‘Doge’ takes bite out of ‘Unflattering Beyonce’ to win Internet in 2013

“Yes, “Doge,” the Shiba Inu sporting a quizzical look and bizarre internal dialogue, is officially KnowYourMeme‘s top meme for 2013.”



Doge Photos

Such Christimas!



What does the Doge say?