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Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee | The Official Site

Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee | The Official Site

I have been to Savannah, Georgia for St. Patrick’s Day, and may I say, it’s not for the faint of heart! I love the revelry, the excitement, the ferver – but I could do without all the excessive drinking. Still, I recommend this event for any Southerner who has a bucket list full of fun…

A Little Drinky Drinky

Certainly not everything drink-related in my store, but it’s a great start!

Screwdriver Greeting Cards

Boat Drinks

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought 2 Customized “Boat Drinks” Bag Tags!!

Awwww yeah!
If I can’t go vacationing with you, at least I can go vicariously with two of my luggage tags!

NEW! “Boat Drinks” T Shirt by CousinBelles

Yep, a Jimmy Buffet reference to the cocktails with little paper umbrellas…

From personal experience I found that consuming alcohol does actually alleviate seasickness when consumed before heading out in the water…in moderation, though!