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Zazzle Coupons February – March 2014

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Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights – Feb 18th, 19th & 20th+ [2014]

I hadn’t even planned on a new blog entry, but I can’t pass up a great opportunity to share with anyone who’s up this late in the U.S. – the geomagnetic storm happening now is rendering some amazing green and magenta sky sprites!

I’m reposting my webcam list from my previous entry so you can go watch!

North View – Porjus, Lapland, Sweden

north cam image

West View

west cam image


East View

east cam image

All sky View

all sky image

AurorasFeb18_2014_5 AurorasFeb18_2014_4 AurorasFeb18_2014_3 AurorasFeb18_2014_2 AurorasFeb18_2014_1

Zazzle Removes Offensive Valentine’s Day Products – Indian Country Today Media Network

Zazzle Removes Offensive Valentine’s Day Products – ICTMN.com – article by Vince Shilling

Now, I try not to get offended by anything – I really don’t. But racially insensitive stereotypes are troublesome. It’s 2014, and at least in America, we can do better. Scalping has a gruesome history, and so does St. Valentine’s Day (The Dark Origins Of Valentine’s Day) – so where is the line drawn?

I’m a Zazzle fan, and will remain so, and not because I have a store there. I support their business model, and I am so thankful they provide a platform and means to make gifts that I can’t manufacture otherwise. It’s genius. And I’m glad that racially insensitive items were removed from their marketplace once the material was brought to their attention. With millions of products, I’m sure it’s difficult to keep track of them all, but at the end of the day, I believe there was a “right thing to do”, and removing the old stereotyped images of yesteryear was a great idea. 

ZAZZLE SALE: Presidents’ Weekend Sale Preview Day! 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS! Use Code: PRESIDENTWKD

Presidents’ Weekend Sale Preview Day!   15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS!   Use Code: PRESIDENTWKD

ZAZZLE SALE: Monday Night MADNESS!!!! 25% OFF ALL PRODUCTS! Until Midnight! Use Code: MADNESSMON25 Details

Monday Night MADNESS!!!!   25% OFF ALL PRODUCTS!  Until Midnight!  Use Code: MADNESSMON25    Details