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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Florida Airbrushed Look Orange Sunset Palm Trees” Coffee Mug

A customer ordered this all the way in Denmark – “hvordan har du det” ?

How To Pronounce “Florida”

Customize It All

I was born elsewhere, but lived several years in Florida – I always pronounce it “FLAR-ih-duh”.

If you grew up there, you pronounce it “FLOOR-ih-duh”.

Actually, the latter is closest to the original Spanish name, but either pronunciation is acceptable. However, depending on which way you choose to say it, they can tell if you’re a native!

Lemons Puzzle

FLORIDA Mousepads

FLORIDA Retro Neon Palm Trees Mouse Pad

NEW! Florida Pink Hibiscus Postcard Beach Scene

In honor of Spring Break, I came up with a postcard type of look. Another hibiscus included.

BTW, I used to live in the Spring Break capital of depravity – Panama City, FL.

Florida Pink Hibiscus Postcard Beach Scene luggage tags


Florida Pink Hibiscus Postcard Beach Scene ties

Florida Pink Hibiscus Postcard Beach Scene keychains


NEW! Florida Hibiscus Flower

You see the tropical hibiscus all over Florida…no exact geographical origin is known for the hibiscus, however!


Florida Hibiscus Flower luggage tags

Florida Hibiscus Flower mugs

Florida Hibiscus Flower T Shirt
Florida Hibiscus Flower T Shirt by CousinBelles
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Florida Hibiscus Flower teapots

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