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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Georgia Peach” Postcard!!


This design seems to be popular in my store, and I’m very happy that it makes you happy 🙂

NEW! “Rainbows Are Forever”

The phrase comes from an old shirt I still own –

1982 called, and it wants this shirt back!

Rainbows Are Forever Tshirt
Rainbows Are Forever Tshirt by CousinBelles
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NEW! Pink To Orange Gradient Waves Design

Pink To Orange Gradient Waves casemate cases


NEW! Rainbow Banding Design For Your Electronics

As a child of the 70s, I grew up with lots of rainbows…love the light spectrum! 

And yes, I had a set of Mork rainbow suspenders 😀


Rainbow Banding skinsRainbow Banding skins

NEW! Curly Q Sunshine – Customizable

I had no quippy statements to write on this one, so I made it with the thought that you could create your own:


NEW! Dark Sunset On The Beach Cases

Dark Sunset On The Beach caseable cases

Stars Fell On Alabama Mug by CousinBelles

Statue Of Liberty Green Gradient Decals For The Nook by CousinBelles