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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Georgia Peach” Postcard!!


This design seems to be popular in my store, and I’m very happy that it makes you happy 🙂

NEW! “Rainbows Are Forever”

The phrase comes from an old shirt I still own –

1982 called, and it wants this shirt back!

Rainbows Are Forever Tshirt
Rainbows Are Forever Tshirt by CousinBelles
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NEW! Pink To Orange Gradient Waves Design

Pink To Orange Gradient Waves casemate cases


NEW! Rainbow Banding Design For Your Electronics

As a child of the 70s, I grew up with lots of rainbows…love the light spectrum! 

And yes, I had a set of Mork rainbow suspenders 😀


Rainbow Banding skinsRainbow Banding skins

NEW! Curly Q Sunshine – Customizable

I had no quippy statements to write on this one, so I made it with the thought that you could create your own:


NEW! Dark Sunset On The Beach Cases

Dark Sunset On The Beach caseable cases

Stars Fell On Alabama Mug by CousinBelles