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My Georgia Peach Keychain – What It Looks Like IRL


As a Zazzle seller, every once in awhile I use my earnings to buy my own stuff…and this time, I bought my Georgia Peach keychain. It seems to be popular, and I have to admit, it’s my favorite of all the Georgia Peach series. I love Atlanta and have great memories of living there as a teenager.

I thought I’d show you what it looks like in “real life”…


ZAZZLE SALE: Surprise Spring Sale – 15% Off All Products! Ends Thursday (details)

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Florida White Flamingos Pastel

ZazzleWhiteFlamingosFlorida White Flamingos t-shirts

Florida – Blue Gradient Lettering Design

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic…

Florida - Blue Gradient ipad/iphone/ipod casesFlorida - Blue Gradient ipad/iphone/ipod cases

The Zazzle Hits Keep Coming!

I’d be bragging if this many people bought something, but…I won’t be dismayed!

The sales will soon come!

(March 25, 2013 stats)


THANK YOU To All My WordPress Followers! A Personal Story…

And I really mean it…thank you for following my blog.

When I first started this blog + my Zazzle store, I had no idea if anyone would be remotely interested in what I had to say, much less what I had to sell…it was a big risk of invested hours. Thank you for every link of mine you’ve ever forwarded or showed a friend.

I’ve made some sales here and there, and it’s been enough so I can buy my own shirts – what a goof! I enjoy it all the same, and thank you for feeding my Zazzle habit – good karma all around 🙂

Belle @ http://www.zazzle/cousinbelles*