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Shooby Dooby Doooo…it’s Frank Sinatra

I’m a Frank Sinatra fan, and when I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of romantic music – by Frank Sinatra.

The Chairman of the Board was jokingly referred to as “Frankie Baby”. He’s the pride of Hoboken, New Jersey.

11 Little-Known Facts About Frank Sinatra

Some other reasons why I like Frankie Baby – he owned a pinball machine:

Copyright: Time magazine – Frank watching little Nancy Sinatra play “Bola-Way”

He crooned with another one of my favorite singers Elvis:

Frank and Elvis on TV

and was arrested for the crime of seduction and adultery – charges were later dropped as his partner was a married woman (scandalous!). Great mugshot, though, huh?

1938 Mugshot, Bergen County, N.J. – seduction and adultery (age: 23)



Overly Attached Girlfriend Wishes You A Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you don’t know about Overly Attached Girlfriend, you should. Her real name is Laina, but she’s taken what could’ve been a terrible curse (becoming a meme on the internet) into a funny persona that plays along with the fun!

Here are a couple of videos to spice up your Valentine’s Day…?

“Will you be my valentine? Every day? Forever? Even when it’s not Valentine’s Day? Yes? I’m pretty sure I heard you say yes. Okay. Excellent.”



Zazzle Removes Offensive Valentine’s Day Products – Indian Country Today Media Network

Zazzle Removes Offensive Valentine’s Day Products – ICTMN.com – article by Vince Shilling

Now, I try not to get offended by anything – I really don’t. But racially insensitive stereotypes are troublesome. It’s 2014, and at least in America, we can do better. Scalping has a gruesome history, and so does St. Valentine’s Day (The Dark Origins Of Valentine’s Day) – so where is the line drawn?

I’m a Zazzle fan, and will remain so, and not because I have a store there. I support their business model, and I am so thankful they provide a platform and means to make gifts that I can’t manufacture otherwise. It’s genius. And I’m glad that racially insensitive items were removed from their marketplace once the material was brought to their attention. With millions of products, I’m sure it’s difficult to keep track of them all, but at the end of the day, I believe there was a “right thing to do”, and removing the old stereotyped images of yesteryear was a great idea.