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“Drive Me Insane” – A Highly Recommended Interactive Website!

OOOOH, this is amazing!! I love interactive websites where I can interact with machines or people. Actually, on this site, you can do both!

The interactive website called “Drive Me Insane” is truly a labor of love – and patience:

From the owner: “This site allows you to use home automation to have fun at someone else’s expense. Turn on their lights, play with the screams and voices, and get visual feedback on all of it. And yes, it’s all real.”

The owners are Paul and Gertie, and they’ve set up 2 user-controlled rooms where you can turn off and on lights/lamps, a fan, gadgets, and other cool doodads. You can pan the camera in the office. You can turn on the audio to hear whatever is going on.

In addition to the fun, the website offers instructions on how you can set your home up to do the same – off or online. They use X10 cameras, and I can vouch for the validity of using the controllers, and they’re not expensive. I happen to use my X10 setup for home security.

In their office you can even type in a message to be displayed on their scrolling marquee:

“Send a message to this cam by typing it in the text area and clicking the envelope. Your messages will appear on the marquee sign in the office and will be read by a voice synth.”

Go have some fun now!

Cousin Belle

Yodle – America’s Most Promising Companies: The Top 25 Of 2014 – Forbes

Yodle – In Photos: America’s Most Promising Companies: The Top 25 Of 2014 – Forbes.

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Delaware Green Chicken Coffee Mugs by CousinBelles

I have to say, I really like the idea of Delaware chicken stuff…

Delaware Green Chicken Coffee Mugs

Rise and Shine! “Rise and Shine” Rooster Mug by CousinBelles