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NEW! Onions Pictograph Design

NEW! Dark Sunset On The Beach Cases

Dark Sunset On The Beach caseable cases

NEW! “Pears” by CousinBelles

Pears by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Cherries” Design by Cousin Belles

I love my new fruit series – more to come!


Cherries by CousinBelles
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ZAZZLE SALE CONTINUES! Get Your Green On! 20% OFF ALL T-SHIRTS! Ends Wednesday (details)

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THANK YOU To All My WordPress Followers! A Personal Story…

And I really mean it…thank you for following my blog.

When I first started this blog + my Zazzle store, I had no idea if anyone would be remotely interested in what I had to say, much less what I had to sell…it was a big risk of invested hours. Thank you for every link of mine you’ve ever forwarded or showed a friend.

I’ve made some sales here and there, and it’s been enough so I can buy my own shirts – what a goof! I enjoy it all the same, and thank you for feeding my Zazzle habit – good karma all around 🙂

Belle @ http://www.zazzle/cousinbelles*


THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Tennessee Mountains Post Card”

So many good memories of visiting the Appalachians that I had to make a card…

If you’ve never seen the majesty of these “Hills of Tennessee”, you really should!

Tennessee Mountains Post Card
Tennessee Mountains Post Card by CousinBelles
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THANK YOU For Purchasing The “Georgia Peach Postcards” by CousinBelles

Folks, I’m humbled not only by your interest, but your purchases…


Neptunalia Shirts by CousinBelles

The Zazzle Tshirt creator works again, so some designs are now available on shirts!!

Strawberry Daiquiri Magnets by CousinBelles

I thought I’d have fun with some vector drawings I found on the web…more cocktails to come!

Purple Pansy Victorian Birthday Greetings Greeting Cards by CousinBelles

I’ll soon be parting with my Victorian postcard collection, so I thought I’d make the best of it by creating Zazzle designs with these unique treasures. This particular card is originally a 3D and in great shape…although you can see some minor wear on this scan.

Not bad for a 100 year old card!!

Celebrate Independence Card by CousinBelles