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My Gazpacho is cold! – Imgur

My Gazpacho is cold! – Imgur

Ladies, if you have a haircut like this, please reconsider your life choices. Sorry, but you’re being judged…

As a former waitress and restaurant manager, these women prove themselves to be nasty, aggressive, “mean girls” – all the while, they have terribly behaved children and a hen-pecked husband who just CRINGES whenever they go out to a public place…this type is sure to “cause a scene”…


My Gazpacho is cold! - Imgur

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nonIONizing 3,632 points : 23 replies : a day ago reply

I can almost smell the white wine on her breath.


saww 3,333 points : 54 replies : 19 hours ago reply

probably has “live laugh love” hung up somewhere in her house.


KaitlynGrenier 1,702 points : 17 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Getting this haircut comes with tickets to see Fifty Shades of Grey and a bottle of pinot grigio.


GoofyGoobers 1,601 points : 15 replies : a day ago reply

as a hairstylist, yes this is accurate


ImBadAsh 601 points : 6 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Let’s make a scene so i can feel important like all my favorite reality tv stars.


HelloWaitWhatGoodbye 604 points : 5 replies : 18 hours ago reply

I bet she has 50 Shades of Gray on her Ipad covered in rhinestones in her purse that can fit a small child.


PorkChopSandwichesv2 974 points : 4 replies : a day ago reply

The “Im going to cut the Santa line because my child takes priority because Santas wife is in my wine club” haircut


T0n1ka 376 points : 5 replies : 18 hours ago reply

As someone who worked in retail for years this is SO TRUE. I cringe just looking at this.


Squelchtone 419 points : 8 replies : 17 hours ago reply

45 and recently divorced and drive a convertible beige Toyota Avalon haircut… not that I know anyone like that.. Kate.. you bitch.


DoctorLipshitz 207 points : 3 replies : 16 hours ago reply

As a waiter, the “my child is 11, don’t charge me for an adult meal. *no I’m not mom, I’m 12* SHUT UP BRANDON” haircut.


Underpar 289 points : 8 replies : 18 hours ago reply

“The soccer mom who doesn’t know what offsides is” haircut


tiam1985 591 points : 7 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Ah, yes. The “I can afford to send my children to private school but bitch about paying $15 for shipping” haircut.


bob3rt 417 points : 3 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Heard also saying, “Do You know what you’re problem is? I’ll tell you what your problem is.”


rebeldevil 136 points : 4 replies : 16 hours ago reply

Drives a Mercedes ML-class. Has three kids named Jayden, Brayden and Kaetlynn. Loves Real Housewives of X. Hates her ex-husband.


WhyCantIPickUsername 140 points : 1 replies : 17 hours ago reply

I call it the “her husband is rekindling a high school romance on Facebook” haircut.

A Means Of Self-Expression

Monogram Gifts & More

“Doge Weather” – So Wow, Such Inform!

I’m not one of those people tired of the “doge” meme from 2013. Some creative types have made “Doge Weather”  – the famous DOGE will give you a weather status, of sorts.

Check out these screen shots of the fun:

DogeWeatherClear DogeWeatherCold DogeWeatherSnowDogeWeatherMistVapor DogeWeatherMistCreepy

~Why I Love Reddit & Imgur~

Dear readers, if you’ve never been on reddit or imgur, why not?!

Reddit calls itself “The Front Page Of The Internet” – and it is. It’s like a playground with cool kids, tons of [mind] games, puns, “I-see-what-you-did-there” moments, creative ideas, food and drink recipes, world news, lots of pictures to look at, stories to share…and lots of cats. Oh, and famous people! I never get tired of surfing there.

reddit noun, verb – redd·it, redd·it·ing; see redditor, subreddit

noun – a type of online community where users vote on content

verb – to take part in a reddit community

“On reddit, everyone gets to post and vote. Everyone gets to say, yay! You know what I say to that? Boo.”

Stephen Colbert, 11/18/13
A letter from Stephen Colbert to Redditors – the guy is truly amazing!

So what is Reddit? This YouTube video gives a great overview:

According their site, this is how reddit works:


Check out the stats:


What’s so addicting about this site? I think it’s the never-ending quest for something new and exciting. Curious human nature drives this site.

Let’s start with my favorite front page – the TIL, or “Today I Learned” subreddit. Full of interesting and verifiable facts:


Due to not wanting the copyright gods after me, I don’t want to post something to infringe the rights, but I did include the reddit name and mascot “Snoo” in my screen shot – will remove if illegal, my bad, and I apologize in advance, no infringement intended.

Click…click…4 hours later…click…click…this place is addicting. I click around to discover new subreddits. I feel I have to check it at least once daily, and more, whenever I get the chance. I just don’t want to miss anything. 

You can “Ask Reddit” anything – go ask a question to the community and see what kind of responses you get. And no, you don’t have to have a username just to read, or as it’s known, “lurking”.

Since there are “subreddits”, it’s not just their front page you can read…you have an entire site with many subgroups with that much more information!!!!

Do you like “Lord of the Rings” movies like I do? There’s an LOTR subreddit for that. Do you love other books by J.R.R Tolkien? That’s a different subreddit! In other words, it’s like going down the internet’s rabbit hole.

Check out this one: EarthPorn. Don’t worry, it’s “safe for work”, and these are beautiful photos of the Earth…nature, weather, flora, fauna, sunsets, etc. I love to see snow pics (read: WinterPorn).  Other favorites are AgriculturePornFoodPorn and DessertPorn (“the stomach is a dream factory”). I know the word “porn” is harsh to the reader, but these safe-for-work entries are awe-inspiring to fellow photographers like me.

So what does imgur have to do with it? imgur is a pictures site (pronounced “imager”), which not only hosts photo uploads for free, it has a comments format wherein you can add your own and add to other’s postings. Similar to reddit, only more photo-centric. “imgurians”, as they call themselves, are a tight-knit bunch, and proudly say so! Many things posted on Reddit (like a photo with a story behind it) have the actual photo hosted on imgur – so the two are literally linked. You can certainly go on imgur itself without reddit – just check out a screenshot from today of the most viral photos:


(not a complete screen shot): Due to not wanting the copyright gods after me, I don’t want to post something to infringe the rights, but I did include the imgur name in my screen shot – will remove if illegal, my bad, and I apologize in advance, no infringement intended.


You can click on any of the photos and it will take you to its hosting page, whereupon you can not only see the entire photo, you can see what the “Original Poster” (OP) said about the photo. Not all these photos are original, as sometimes they’re ‘borrowed’ from the web or other hosting sites. It’s certainly considered bad form to claim a photo as your own when it isn’t.

As with many cliques, where the cool kids know all the inside jokes, these 2 sites certainly have some:

  • “banana for scale” – refers to the need for something to be compared to a real life object to note contextual size
  • “tl;dr” – too long, didn’t read…if the poster’s comments were too long
  • “so this is a thing”…something has been posted repeatedly; could be good or bad
  • “that’s so metal” – phrase used for varied contexts
  • “I did the thing” – whatever it is that was much talked about, the poster did it
  • Recipes – they are posted almost daily, usually with the title “Award-Winning”…and usually has lots of upvotes
  • “cake day” – your anniversary of becoming a user
  • Anything “Lord of the Rings” related – many memes, quotes and animated gifs are “a thing”
  • “awww yissssss!” – utter delight and satisfaction
  • “bae” – intentional misspelling of “babe”
  • posting a cute animal photo at the end of a long post to ‘thank’ the reader for reading so many words
  • memes
  • otherwise unmentionable

In other words – get to these sites and have fun with the world!

Cousin Belle