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My Gazpacho is cold! – Imgur

My Gazpacho is cold! – Imgur

Ladies, if you have a haircut like this, please reconsider your life choices. Sorry, but you’re being judged…

As a former waitress and restaurant manager, these women prove themselves to be nasty, aggressive, “mean girls” – all the while, they have terribly behaved children and a hen-pecked husband who just CRINGES whenever they go out to a public place…this type is sure to “cause a scene”…


My Gazpacho is cold! - Imgur

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nonIONizing 3,632 points : 23 replies : a day ago reply

I can almost smell the white wine on her breath.


saww 3,333 points : 54 replies : 19 hours ago reply

probably has “live laugh love” hung up somewhere in her house.


KaitlynGrenier 1,702 points : 17 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Getting this haircut comes with tickets to see Fifty Shades of Grey and a bottle of pinot grigio.


GoofyGoobers 1,601 points : 15 replies : a day ago reply

as a hairstylist, yes this is accurate


ImBadAsh 601 points : 6 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Let’s make a scene so i can feel important like all my favorite reality tv stars.


HelloWaitWhatGoodbye 604 points : 5 replies : 18 hours ago reply

I bet she has 50 Shades of Gray on her Ipad covered in rhinestones in her purse that can fit a small child.


PorkChopSandwichesv2 974 points : 4 replies : a day ago reply

The “Im going to cut the Santa line because my child takes priority because Santas wife is in my wine club” haircut


T0n1ka 376 points : 5 replies : 18 hours ago reply

As someone who worked in retail for years this is SO TRUE. I cringe just looking at this.


Squelchtone 419 points : 8 replies : 17 hours ago reply

45 and recently divorced and drive a convertible beige Toyota Avalon haircut… not that I know anyone like that.. Kate.. you bitch.


DoctorLipshitz 207 points : 3 replies : 16 hours ago reply

As a waiter, the “my child is 11, don’t charge me for an adult meal. *no I’m not mom, I’m 12* SHUT UP BRANDON” haircut.


Underpar 289 points : 8 replies : 18 hours ago reply

“The soccer mom who doesn’t know what offsides is” haircut


tiam1985 591 points : 7 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Ah, yes. The “I can afford to send my children to private school but bitch about paying $15 for shipping” haircut.


bob3rt 417 points : 3 replies : 18 hours ago reply

Heard also saying, “Do You know what you’re problem is? I’ll tell you what your problem is.”


rebeldevil 136 points : 4 replies : 16 hours ago reply

Drives a Mercedes ML-class. Has three kids named Jayden, Brayden and Kaetlynn. Loves Real Housewives of X. Hates her ex-husband.


WhyCantIPickUsername 140 points : 1 replies : 17 hours ago reply

I call it the “her husband is rekindling a high school romance on Facebook” haircut.