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Sailors Sailing the Seas Mousepads

Need a mousepad for your new digs? Love the water?

The Emerald Coast Mousepads

Cousin Belle’s Zazzle Store – Prices Reduced!! ***SPRING has SPRUNG!!***

Ladies and Gentlemen, to celebrate the beginning of SPRING,
I cut down my prices so I could sell some merch!

Click on the logo below for savings 🙂


“My Heart Belongs To Neptune”

Not everyone will get this tongue-in-cheek reference, but for those of you who do: collect the whole set!

My Heart Belongs To Neptune Hat
My Heart Belongs To Neptune Hat by CousinBelles
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NEW! “Pears” by CousinBelles

Pears by CousinBelles
View other Pear Postcards at Zazzle.com

NEW! “Cherries” Design by Cousin Belles

I love my new fruit series – more to come!


Cherries by CousinBelles
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NEW! TL:DR “Too Long, Didn’t Read” Mousepad by CousinBelles

Yet another tongue-in-cheek design: Too long, didn’t read!

For those of you who like to simplify things 😀

Boardwalk Mouse Pad by CousinBelles

Boardwalk Mouse Pad
Boardwalk Mouse Pad by CousinBelles
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Big Sur California Mouse Pads by CousinBelles