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Sailors Sailing the Seas Mousepads

Need a mousepad for your new digs? Love the water?

The Emerald Coast Mousepads

Spring Magnolias – Almost In Bloom

It’s almost time for the magnolias to bloom in the South – and I’m headed there just in time to take more photos!

I took photos of the following pink magnolia blooms at Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina. The trees didn’t have many blooms on them at the time, so I’ll make sure to capture as many fully-blossomed specimens as possible this Spring.

Ring In March With Beautiful Flower Necklaces…

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Roses, Roses, Roses

It might be irritating for those buried in Winter winds and snows (like me) to hear about Springtime and flowers and such, but in some parts of the United States, Spring buds are starting to form – Winter is on its way out the door.

In comes the roses…and I plan on taking even more photos of these this Summer!

Spring Wedding or Party? Customize Now!

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Waiting For The Winter Thaw…Blooming Things!

Can’t Wait For Spring? Shop My Store For Some Winter Relief!

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Cousin Belle’s Zazzle Store

Welcome new followers who’ve joined the party!

My Zazzle store is here – zazzle.com/cousinbelles – but I know you’re not totally interested in all my store items. Hopefully you stay for the other musings, articles and photos I post; sometimes mine, sometimes others. I blog about things I think are mad, bad and dangerous to know…and fun, or course.

THANK YOU for subscribing, and if you’re not a subscriber, thank you all the same for reading!!

Cousin Belle

I Have A Huge Package…

“That’s what he said!!”

Not my shirt, but AWESOME all the same!!

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NEW! “Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life”

Nope, not another “Keep Calm” shirt…technically.

Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life Mouse Pads
Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life Mouse Pads by CousinBelles
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Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life ipad mini cases

NEW! TL:DR “Too Long, Didn’t Read” Mousepad by CousinBelles

Yet another tongue-in-cheek design: Too long, didn’t read!

For those of you who like to simplify things 😀

Rooster Attitude Mousepads by CousinBelles

A real “Cock Of The Walk” – with attitude!

My Heart Belongs To Neptune Mouse Pads by CousinBelles

OK, maybe I have a weird sense of humor, but I was inspired…

My Heart Belongs To Neptune Mouse Pads

Big Sur California Mouse Pads by CousinBelles