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▶ Fa’a-Samoa: The Samoan Way [basic introduction to the Pacific Island culture of Samoa] – YouTube

▶ Fa’a-Samoa: The Samoan Way – YouTube.

“For those who want a basic introduction to the Pacific Island culture of Samoa, this programme is for you! I produced this video some years ago for the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawai’i. Our fearless cultural instructor is Chief Sielu Avea, long noted for his prowess with a flaming nifo oti in fireknife dancing. Now you can enjoy some aspects of Samoan culture and even learn to cook Polynesian style!”

Cousin Belle’s Boating & Sailing Gifts

Just a sampling…

Sail On Apron

Sailors Sailing the Seas Mousepads

Need a mousepad for your new digs? Love the water?

The Emerald Coast Mousepads

The Essential Beachcomber: Shell Sistahs

The Essential Beachcomber: Shell Sistahs

This isn’t my blog, but “The Essential Beachcomber” has some great recommendations for you if you’re into shell hunting – this list will be plenty to get you started in your journey to learn more about your favorite hobby!

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Big Sur California” Pinback Button!!

The beautiful Pacific Coast Highway in California – my Dad and I were driving on it and we stopped so I could take this picture…