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HOT! Literally…it’s FLORIDA!!

Thinking about palm trees and cool breezes?

How To Pronounce “Florida”

Customize It All

I was born elsewhere, but lived several years in Florida – I always pronounce it “FLAR-ih-duh”.

If you grew up there, you pronounce it “FLOOR-ih-duh”.

Actually, the latter is closest to the original Spanish name, but either pronunciation is acceptable. However, depending on which way you choose to say it, they can tell if you’re a native!

Lemons Puzzle

FLORIDA Mousepads

FLORIDA Retro Neon Palm Trees Mouse Pad

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Panama City Beach Airbrushed Look Boat Sunset” Stickers

Thank you for purchasing these stickers – would always love to see how you used and applied them…in case any customer ever looks at this blog…dawwwww 😀

Panama City Beach Airbrushed Look Boat Sunset Decals For Nook by CousinBelles

Panama City Beach Airbrushed Look Boat Coffee Mugs by CousinBelles