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Elf on the Shelf Is a Wanted Person in Massachusetts: See His Mugshot

Elf on the Shelf Is a Wanted Person in Massachusetts: See His Mugshot


Bourne Police Department added 2 new photos.

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Wanted Person: Use Caution. Wanted in a “string”of ginger bread house invasions. Known to spread Christmas Cheer and a specialist in covert surveillance. Often seen hiding in high places. Do not approach and especially DO NOT touch as this is known to cause loss of magical abilities to report back to his jolly kingpin!

Doge = Amaze! Such Wow! Much Internet!

If you haven’t heard of the “doge” meme, it’s time to get educated!

Such Amaze!




Redditors Create Meme-Inspired ‘Dogecoin’ Currency Because 2013

The “Subreddit” category for “Doge”

Comic Sans ‘Doge’ takes bite out of ‘Unflattering Beyonce’ to win Internet in 2013

“Yes, “Doge,” the Shiba Inu sporting a quizzical look and bizarre internal dialogue, is officially KnowYourMeme‘s top meme for 2013.”



Doge Photos

Such Christimas!



What does the Doge say?


NEW! “St. Mattress Of The Springs” Church

“St. Mattress Of The Springs” Church – do you attend every Sunday?

Now you’re in on the joke 😀