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Transcription And Data Entry « Work At Home Resource Guide

Transcription & Data Entry « Work At Home Resource Guide

Copyright is all theirs, I’m just posting this to save you a click. I’m trying to hook you folks up with “work from home” jobs, and this is another great list that you need to get started. Best of luck, and do let me know if any of these jobs work out for you!

Transcription and Data Entry Companies

While we believe that all links and companies below are legitimate, you have the responsibility to do your due diligence and research any company you wish to apply to or work for or with.  Also, while these companies are believed to hire or contract with individuals who work at home, we cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time or that they will provide an offer of employment or work.

Transcription and data entry companies who hire at-home workers typically hire independent contractors.  If any of the companies listed below hire as employees, it will be noted, otherwise assume you would be considered an independent contractor.

Note:  We are always updating our list.  So please check back often for updates.

*NEW Listing!*   1-888-Type-It-Up:  General transcription. To apply, from the link provided there is information and a detailed application form. They only hire in the US. Currently, pay is stated to be $40.20-$90 an audio hour on average.

A Transcription Services 2000, Inc.   General, legal, and financial transcription.  Fast turn around time.  To apply, from the link provided, go to the “Contact Us” section, for a link on the lower right for those seeking employment.

Accutran Global:  Primarily financial transcription; however, they do also have medical and general transcription.  Of note:  Their work is very time sensitive and the majority of the work will be available during typical business hours and need to be done immediately.

Adept Word Management, Inc.:    General and medical.  Follow the instructions provided on their website for submitting your resume and application.

Advanced Transcription Inc.:  Medical transcription.  2+ years of experience are required, proficiency in MS Word, and must own or have access to MS Word 2003.  Send your resume to the email address on their website.

Alice Darling Secretarial Services:  General and legal transcrition.  On-site or at home.

All Professionals Litigation Support Team:  Legal transcription.  From their website:  “You must also be a notary public in your home state, be a certified member in good standing of the AAERT and/or IAPRT, and be a citizen of the United States.”  FTP software is required, and you must have WordPerfect.  An assessment test is provided and a sample transcript when you apply.  Additional note from their website to make sure to be aware of before applying:  “We may utilize information obtained from MySpace, Facebook, Google, or any other public source of information, in our determination of your suitability for the preparation of highly confidential court records and other documents.”  See their website for complete information and application.

Allegis Communications, Inc.:    The application for employment is available on this link, which will also indicate whether or not they are currently hiring.

American High-Tech Transcription:  Transcription for law enforcement agencies, law firms, and businesses.  Applicants must undergo an FBI and state police fingerprint criminal background check, at your own expense.

Amphion Medical Solutions:  Medical transcription.  Experience required – per their website:  “At least two years’ hospital inpatient experience transcribing the “Basic Four” or at least two years’ clinic experience transcribing all specialties (>4 specialties) in addition to any formal training.”  An assessment is provided and can be started on that same web page.  Make sure to check the browser requirements before beginning the assessment.  See the web page for very specific criteria and requirements, as well as the application process.

Applied Medical Services:  Medical transcription.

AV Tranz:  Legal transcription.  Requires very fast turnaround time.  Check their website career section to determine if they are hiring, and for the email address to submit your resume.

Axion Data Services:  Data Entry, hires at-home workers, watch their website for available openings.

BAM Transcription:  Entertainment, general, legal.  Send an email through the contact us section for information on employment.  Experience is not required.

CambridgeTranscriptions:  Legal and business transcription, they hire for on-site and at-home positions.  Refer to their website for details, a phone number and the email address to obtain more information.

Capital Typing:  Provides services including:  General, Legal, Medical Transcription; Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Translation, Online Customer Support.  Online application was not located, it is recommended to  send an email through their contact us section.

CaptionColorado:   Hires captioners (as in “closed caption” on TV), see their website for complete information and application.

**NEW Listing!** CastingWords:  CastingWords provides general transcription services. They post their available transcription jobs on their site, The CastingWords Workshop and also through Amazon Mechanical Turk. You can click on the link on their information page to register at their Workshop, and you will register using your Facebook account, although the small print states that you aren’t required to have one. CastingWords uses crowdsourcing for their transcription, in other words, you will be doing just very small segments of an audio. They have a style guide that must be followed, and a sample transcript. Make sure to review both carefully. The pay may seem low, but they offer bonuses as well, so take that into consideration.

Chromolume Transcription:   General and legal transcription.  Refer to their website for the email address to submit your resume and interest in employment.

Clark Fork Communications Inc.:  General and legal.  Hires in the US only and you must be a US citizen.  Corporate (general) work is typically due the same day, legal is typically 3-5 days.  Most of the work is done in  Word and some legal/government assignments would require Word Perfect.  If you wanted to transcribe videos, Start Stop software would be required, which is not a free download and not all foot pedals work with Start Stop.  Detailed information on how to apply on the website.  Experience is not required.

CLK Transcription:  Medical and general.  Family-owned business in the US.  Scroll down the CLK web page and send a resume or request for information to the email address indicated for transcriptionists.

CMR Transcription Services:   Business and medical transcription, CMR has a lot of corporate/financial clients and has a quick turnaround time requirement for their financial transcription.  If interested in applying, send an email to info@cmr-transcription.com; however, check their website to see if there is information regarding open positions.

CyberDictate:  General, legal, and medical transcription.  Hires only in the US.  For information on working with CyberDictate, from the link provided, scroll down and look at the lower left side of the screen where it states “Employment,” (it’s small print), and click on the associated link.

*NEW Listing!*  Daily Transcription:  General transcription, academic, corporate, closed captions, legal, and others. Short application form on their site to complete to apply.

Dion Data Solutions:  Hires only in the US.

Elite Office Solutions:  General, legal, medical transcription, as well as virtual assistants.  On the contact us page, scroll down and there is a form to use for expressing interest in employment.

eTranscription Solutions:   General and legal.  Use of the Start/Stop equipment and software is required, and would be a purchase if you don’t already own that software.  The website has specific criteria, experience is required, and there is a link for submitting a request for employment.

e-Typist:  Legal transcription.  Must have current versions of Word and Word Perfect.

eWord Solutions:   General and legal transcription.  Send a resume to hr@ewordsolutions.com.

Expedict:   General transcription.  See website for specific criteria, experience is required.  An email address is provided on their website for expressing interest in employment.

Express Document Service:   General, legal, medical.  Use the contact us section to either call their toll free number or send an email regarding hiring.

Focus Forward Transcription:   General, Business, Medical, Multilingual.  There is a link on the website to apply, experience is required.  It is required to take 4 hours of audio a week, files are 60 minutes or longer, $10 per 15 minutes of sound.

*NEW Listing!*  GetTranscribed:  General transcription. There is no information regarding experience or location, however their site does advertise that it is an American company. There is a test to complete on the site, make sure to download the test instructions and follow them carefully. You can submit your test directly on the site, as of this writing, there is information indicating that they have a large number of applicants and it can take 2-6 weeks or longer to grade your test and you may be placed on a waiting list before starting. Of note is that there is separate pay for transcription and reviewing, once you are able to review your own work, the pay will increase.

GMR:  Hires in US andCanada only, experience is not required.  They expect typists to do a minimum of four hours of audio each month, and state that they have more if you want more work.  There are detailed instructions on their website regarding how to apply.

Greenlight Transcription:   General, legal, medical.  There is no specific information on employment listed on their website, use the contact us form to request additional information.

HEA-Employment.com:  HEA-Employment is a site that assists people seeking jobs and they also hire at-home workers directly for a variety of jobs, including home typists, data entry professional, online customer service representatives (no phone involved, all emails, Skype and IM), online sales and marketing representatives, and job placement specialists and online recruiters.

To apply, submit your resume to the email address provided on the link for the specific jobs.  Resumes are kept on file for six months and people are added on a first-in/first-out basis—your information will be added to a list, as a name is taken off the top, everyone moves up the list.  If your resume is going to be considered for a position, you will be contacted via email or phone within two weeks of submitting your resume, however, it could be months before there is an available opening.  There are no location requirements for any of the listed positions.  Training is provided and you are required to have a home computer, printer, text editing and spreadsheet software (MS Office preferred), email address and internet connection (high speed preferred).  You must read, write, and speak English.

Also see the entry for HEA-Employment under the All Other Companies for positions they hire for that are not transcription or data entry.

Editor’s Note:  HEA-Employment also has job boards, which are not free, they are a paid membership site, with several types of memberships available, including assistance with resume writing and career counseling.  If you would like to register for any of these paid memberships, please review the information carefully and make sure that what you are going to be offered is something that you can’t locate for free elsewhere.  HEA has been in business since 1997, and may have an extensive list available, however, Work at Home Resource Guide has been unable to locate any positive feedback or further information at the time of this writing to either support joining that site nor can we recommend that you save your money, so do so at your own risk.

Home Typist Position Specifics:  Per their website, “Home typists will use word processing software to type, input, edit and produce letters, forms and other documents from digital files or rough drafts.”  The files are expected to average 10 minutes to 2+ hours.  Requirements include a minimum of 40 wpm, prompt turnaround from the time of assignment, past transcription with Word and Excel, high degree of accuracy and exceptional grammar and proofreading skills.  Part-time and full-time work is available, however, you are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.  You can work any time of the day and any day of the week.  Of note:  This typist position is different from typical transcription IC positions, as they pay an hourly wage of $10 an hour, not per minute or per word rate.

Data Entry Position Specifics:  Per the HEA website:  “Data entry professionals will need to search the Internet to find jobs, locate and verify the positions and enter the job details into an online database.”  Requirements include previous clerical or data entry experience, extremely detail oriented, intermediate knowledge of MS Word and Excel, type 60 wpm with 5% or less error rate, must be able to multitask, use proficiency with the computer, and achieve minimum performance standards.  Compensation for the data entry position is $12 an hour.  You must work a minimum of 20 hours per week and can work any time of the day and any day of the week.

HollywoodTranscriptions:   General, entertainment, legal.  Refer to their website for specific criteria, experience is not required.  There is an application and email address listed on their website.

iDictate:  General, legal, and medical transcription in English as well as multiple other languages.  iDictate is also associated with Quicktate, and often transcriptionists currently working with Quicktate are offered open positions with iDictate when they become available.

JHTS:   General, entertainment, medical. UKbased and hires in theUK.  See their website for criteria and application information.

Key For Cash:  Data entry.  They have an online application and test, which you can repeat to better your score or reapply.  Those who score high are contacted when there is an available opening.  Rates vary and are paid per keystroke, and you must earn $50 before payment to you is issued.

Landmark Associates:   Academic, insurance, legal transcription.  Experience is required.  Typing tests and instructions are provided on the website for submitting for consideration for employment.

Lightstream Solutions:  Medical transcription.  Check their website to determine if they are hiring, and for the email address to submit an application.

Managed Outsource Solutions:  Legal, medical, general transcription.  Send an email to their HR dept. to determine if they are hiring:  hr@managedoutsource.com.

Mass Transcription:   General and legal, no medical.  Applicants can submit their information through their website.

MD-IT:  Medical transcription.  Must be US based and have a minimum of two or more years of medical transcription experience.  See their website for complete details, and the application process.

MedQuist:  Medical transcription.  They require 1 year of experience, but do state that they will also consider graduates of an accredited certification program.  See their website for complete details and application process.

Modern Day Scribe, LLC:  General, legal, medical, entertainment, business, and data entry services.  Use the contact us section to request information on employment.

Morningside Partners, LLC:  Financial transcription only for at-home transcription.  All other transcription is done on site at their local offices.

MRT Babbletype:   General transcription.  The website will indicate what positions they are hiring for and provides an email address to submit resumes.

Mulberry Studio:  General transcription on-site and with at-home workers.  Refer to criteria on their website, and an email address for providing resumes.

MXSecure:   Medical transcription only.  Information is provided on their contact us page for job applicants.

Neil Gross:  General and legal transcription.

Net Transcriptions:  Law enforcement and general transcription, English as well as bilingual.  Law enforcement transcription experience is required and a full criminal background check will be required for individuals doing the law enforcement transcription.  See the website for complete criteria and instructions for applying for employment.

NPJR:  Medical transcription and coding.  See their website for any available positions, required qualifications, and the process for applying.

Nuance Transcription Services:  Medical transcription.  Check their web page for information, as well as links to benefits and the application process.

On the Record Reporting and Transcription:  Hires to work at home in the Austin, TX area ONLY.  See their website for complete details, and for the email address and phone number for additional contact.

Oracle:  Medical transcription.  At least 3 years of experience required, 3-5 years in medical records is preferred.  Must be in the US.  Full time and part time positions available.  There is an online application form in the menu bar on the left side of the web page, and a phone number provided for any questions.

Orion Transcription:  General, legal, medical.  Requires at least 2 years of experience.  Must be located in the US.

Perfect Transcription:  Medical transcription and editors.  Requires a college diploma, at least 3 years prior medical transcription experience, and 2 years prior medical transcription in a given specialty.  See their website for complete requirements and job details, and available openings.  Their toll free number is provided on that page for additional information and to request application.

Phoenix MedCom Inc.:  Medical transcription.  A minimum of 3 years experience for acute care work is required, and 2 years experience transcribing for a specialty practice, clinic, surgery center., etc.  Production environment experience is essential.  Please review the criteria carefully on their website for the specific requirements and qualifications necessary.  An assessment will be provided to confirm you are qualified.  See the website for specifics and to begin the process.

PMSI – Professional Medical Services:  Medical transcription.  Must have 4+ years of hospital MT experience with acute care patients.  Also, Lanier VoiceWrite EX transcription, 2 landlines (POTS – “plain old telephone system”), and Meditech experience.  They will provide you with toll free numbers to call in to obtain work.  Must be in the US.  See their website for complete details and requirements, and submit a resume to the email address provided on the website.

Precyse:  Medical transcription, coding, auditors, and other healthcare positions available on a remote basis.  From the Careers page, you can either search by category, or you can also use their search field to search by location.  Choose “Remote” to search all remote positions available.  See this company’s listing under All Other Companiesfor additional positions they hire for.

Preferred Transcriptions:  General, legal, medical.  Requires 2 years of experience for medical, 1 year for legal and general.  See their website for additional requirements and the email address to submit your resume.

Production Transcriptions:   General transcription.  A form is provided to complete if you are interested in employment.  Experience is required with this company.

Quicktate:  Quicktate is a service that transcribes audio notes dictated by their customers, (to do lists, or meeting notes, etc.) as well as voice mail messages that can be set up to go automatically to Quicktate to convert to text.  Quicktate gives you the opportunity to log in 24/7 for work, assignments are then routed to as available.  Experience is not required and Quicktate is a good way for new transcriptionists to get some experience.  Of note:  The software system that Quicktate uses (and provides to you, there is no charge) does not have the ability to use a foot pedal with it, it is all keyboard controlled.

**NEW Listing!**  REV:  REV offers both transcription and translation services. According to their website, you can work from home, and also choose your own projects. Pay is weekly through PayPal. Application is through the link on their site, and take note of the style guide and sample template that they have on their application page; make sure to follow those guidelines. There was no information openly available regarding any location restrictions, or whether you need to be experienced.

Same Day Transcription:  Business, legal, medical transcription.  Complete the short form on their website to request additional information.

Say It Back:  Entertainment transcription.  Complete the short form on their website to request interest.

ScribeCare:  Medical transcription.  Their website does state that they hire medical transcriptionists, however, specific criteria is not indicated, experience is not listed as being a requirement.  Use the contact us section for further information, as there is no link or email address specifically for applying for MT.

Scribes Transcription Services:   General, legal, medical.  Preference is given to Canadian applicants.  Information is provided on the link for submitting resumes.

SpeakWrite:  General and legal transcription, applications for both are not always being accepted, check the website to confirm if there are positions for general.  They hire from the US and Canada.  Legal transcription is required to have law office skills and experience.  Pay is half-cent per word.

SpeechInk:  SpeechInk uses Amazon Mechanical Turk to assign work.  Pay is somewhat low, but it can provide experience if you are new to transcription, and feedback is provided to help you improve your skills.  Make sure to review their guidelines and formats, it is extremely explicit.  Experience is not required.

StenoMed Inc.:  Medical transcription.  Experience is not listed as a requirement, however, refer to the website for specific required qualifications.  An online form is available and you can also email or fax your resume for consideration.

Superior Transcribing Service:  Medical transcription.  Per their website:  “We prefer someone who can give us at least two years of experience transcribing multi-specialty medical reports or a graduate of a Medical Transcription Program.  Experience in internal medicine, orthopedics, neurology, radiology, psychiatry, ophthalmology or dermatology.”  See their website for complete details and the email address to submit a resume for consideration.

Talk2Type:  Hire independent contractors who type a minimum of 75 wph, and they also have staff positions who type a minimum of 80 wph.  You must have a working computer and a full-size cassette transcription machine.  See their website for email address to submit your resume.

Task:  General and legal transcription.

TEI:  Medical, general, legal, law enforcement.  Requires 2 years of experience.  They advertise a very fast turnaround time, so keep that in mind if you apply with this company.  There is an email address on their website to submit your resume.

Terra Nova:  Medical transcription.  5 years of experience covering many specialties is required.  A PDF application is available and an email address to submit your resume with the completed application.

Textphonic Communications, Inc.:  Forensic and law enforcement specialty.  You must have experience in areas of forensic, law, criminal justice, or law enforcement in addition to transcription.  They also have opportunities for proofreading, translation and other positions, which are described on their website.  If you meet their qualifications, there is an email address on their website to submit your resume and express interest.  Note:  If you are interested in training for work in forensic areas, see the General Resources section of our site for companies offering online training and certification.

The Transcription Agency:  General, medical, legal.  Their website will indicate if they are accepting application.  Location is in the UK and hires from within the UK only.

Tigerfish:  General, legal, financial, and medical transcription.  Their website includes specific information on how to submit a request to receive assignments from Tigerfish.

Transcription 2000 Services:  General, entertainment, financial, legal, law enforcement, business.  Complete their form on their website to express interest in available openings.

Transcription Vendors:  General, financial, medical, legal, entertainment.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Transcription Vendors claims to provide work to transcriptionists directly, but is mainly a membership site (with an annual fee and other fees) that works to match up clients with transcriptionists.  You create a profile that is available for perspective clients, and you must meet their specific criteria for 98% accuracy or you will not get paid.  Essentially you can build up a client base, and you are free to set your own fees to the clients that are sent to you directly (with Transcription Vendor taking a percentage).  Transcription Vendors is also selling products and “certification” on their site as well, and there are fees involved, an initial certification fee, and an annual fee at two different levels, as well as a percentage of what you earn on clients that you build through their site.  They do not guarantee any income and as stated on their website:  “Transcription Vendors cannot guarantee any income for the registered members. This platform is designed to help you build your own customer base and make higher wages for your work by cutting transcription companies from the middle.”  As this is a very unusual forum for obtaining income from transcription, definitely do your due diligence on this company before joining their membership site.

Editorial Comment:  I will add an additional comment that there ARE definitely work at home companies, forums, registers, etc., that do charge a fee and are perfectly legitimate, reputable companies and where individuals can make/earn money either as an employee or independent contractor, or business owner.  With that in mind, I do not want to jump to the conclusion that Transcription Vendors is a scam, and I can also see that their business model of allowing transcriptionists to have their own clients and not have the “middle man” taking what is usually the “lion’s share” of the fee charged to the client (a minimum of half typically, often much more), and which could be an appealing concept to the transcriptionist.  However, due to the fact that this is very different than other business models out there and that you will have to incur some out of pocket expenses, (not to mention that 98% accuracy rule, which almost seems an easy way for clients to get out of paying), I would highly recommend checking with the BBB, and the many transcription forums and other work at home forums to do your due diligence before proceeding with signing up with Transcription Vendors.  If there are any individuals who have had any experience with this company, good or bad, I would love to hear from you through our contact us section. 

TruTranscripts:  General and legal.  Prefer to hire those with time-stamping capabilities.  They expect a fast turnaround time, so keep that in mind if applying.  Refer to their website for the application to download and fax for consideration.  Must be in the US.

TSI Transcription Services Inc.:   General and legal, no medical.  An email address is provided on the website for submitting resumes.

Ubiqus:  General, Legal, Medical Transcription.  Click on the “Working For Us” tab to access the application, and make sure to read the “transcriber disclaimer” for additional criteria for transcriptionists.

Verbalink:  General, legal, medical transcription.  Pays by the audio minute for all transcription, not by the word.

VOBA:  VOBA offers both transcription and data entry positions working from home.  See their website for openings and complete information.  This is a UK company, many of the positions will  require that you live in Hexham, Northumberland, however, they do hire for their freelance transcription team from outside of the UK, as long as English is  your native language.  Experience is required for both data entry and transcription.  See their website for the email address to submit your CV and cover letter.

Way With Words:  Way With Words has services around the world, includingNorth America, and hires in many different countries.  To begin the application process, an assessment test is given, and Way With Words places a very high value on English skills, so you might also want to have reference material handy as well when you take the assessment.  Their website also indicates that they expect those interested in working to be full time, and available on a very short notice.  Click on the appropriate link on their website in order to begin the application process.  Of note:  They also offer a referral program, if you are interested in referring customers to their site and receiving commission.  (A definite plus as a way to earn some passive income on the side!)

WebScribe:  Medical and legal transcription.  Experience required. Per their website, they hire through eLance, so you must have an account at Elance.com and then follow the instructions on the WebScribe website for details on how to apply and what information they require.

WeScribeIt:  General, legal, and medical transcription.  From the Wescribeit website:  “Our pay scale starts at half cent per word ($0.005) for general and legal work. For medical, pay starts at three-quarter cents per word ($0.0075). Our TAT is anywhere between 6 to 16 hours, depending on express or regular service.”  Note:  TAT is turn around time.  Wescribeit has a shorter turnaround time than some of the other transcription companies, so make sure that if you apply, you feel confident that you will be able to complete assignments in that timeframe.

WordzXpressed Transcription Services:   General, legal, financial, medical. Any job openings will be listed on this page and there is an email address to send your resume and interest in working for them. At the time of this writing, there were available openings for general transcriptionist and it was indicated that at least one year of experience is required. See their site for details.

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