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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Pinball Wizard” Shirt!!

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “It’s All In The Wrist” Shirt!!

Again I say, “THANK YOU!” to the person who either gifted themselves or another with a pinball ringer shirt…please send pictures!

It's All In The Wrist Shirts
It’s All In The Wrist Shirts by CousinBelles
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“It’s All In The Wrist” Pinball Tshirt

The “Black Knight” Pinball TShirt by Oxide Design

Growing up, “The Black Knight” pinball machine was my favorite. It had bright lights, scary sounds, cool music, a bright playing field, Magna-Save, and multi-ball – and it had a top level playing field. Who could ask for more??

Well, a great design company produced this shirt, and I have to say that I own one. The reason that there are periods in between the words is due to the voice of the Black Knight himself…it was kinda robotic and funny.

Wish I could afford an actual Black Knight pinball machine, but it’s on my bucket list…I will own my dream!!

Cousin Belle





“It’s All In The Wrist” Pinball Shirt by Cousin Belle’s

They say it’s “All in the wrist”…