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Spring Magnolias – Almost In Bloom

It’s almost time for the magnolias to bloom in the South – and I’m headed there just in time to take more photos!

I took photos of the following pink magnolia blooms at Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina. The trees didn’t have many blooms on them at the time, so I’ll make sure to capture as many fully-blossomed specimens as possible this Spring.

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Roses, Roses, Roses

It might be irritating for those buried in Winter winds and snows (like me) to hear about Springtime and flowers and such, but in some parts of the United States, Spring buds are starting to form – Winter is on its way out the door.

In comes the roses…and I plan on taking even more photos of these this Summer!

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Waiting For The Winter Thaw…Blooming Things!

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NEW! “Peach and Pink Tulips” Designs For Spring

I’ve enjoyed Winter thoroughly, but it’s time for Spring!!

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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Pink Lotus Flower In Bloom” Greeting Cards


And bless you 🙂

THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought The “Pink Lotus Flower In Bloom” Postcard by CousinBelles

THANK YOU to the person who bought these beautiful postcards! 

The flower looks almost transparent, doesn’t it?


Summer Watermelon Mouse Pad by CousinBelles

Would you believe I’m allergic to watermelon??? Doesn’t matter, I love seeing watermelon stands and fruity drinks in Summer. These watermelon-y items can be used year-round!

Pink Gladiolus Post Cards by CousinBelles

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