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It’s OK To Be A Winer

…that’s someone who likes WINE…

NEW! “Pink Hydrangea Closeup” Card

I took this photo at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware – literally on Rehoboth Avenue (near the rest rooms, lol)…enjoy some beautiful pink Summer hydrangeas!

Pink Hydrangea Postcard
Pink Hydrangea Postcard by CousinBelles
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THANK YOU To The Customer Who Bought My “Pink Gladiolus” Post Card!!

 ~A sincere THANK YOU for buying this post card~

These gladioli grow at my house during the Summer along with a dark purple variety – real showstoppers!!

Interestingly enough, the best lighting for this photo was in the laundry room 😀

NEW! “Clematis In Bloom” Card by CousinBelles

Even though it’s still Winter, your Spring flowers are trying to take in all water and warmth so they can soon show their true colors…soon…

~enjoy some clematis~

Rehoboth Beach Bunny + Rainbow Hearts Tshirt – Authentic Retro (Not For Sale)

Nah, you wouldn’t want this one….but I saved it!!

It was made in about 1980 at a Tshirt shop on Rehoboth Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It’s two shirts in one – rainbow hearts on the front (with embroidery FTW!), and a decal bunny on the back. Purple was my favorite color back then, and I wore the crap outta this shirt. I saved it, being something I’ll always treasure and keep.