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How to Cook More than Rice in a Rice Cooker | Howcast

How to Cook More than Rice in a Rice Cooker | Howcast

I consider myself a little unconventional, and quirky at best. That’s one reason why this idea appeals to me – cooking other things in a rice cooker – it’s not just for rice anymore!

Thanks to some inventive cooks, there are instructional videos out there that demonstrate the extraordinarily easy ways to use a rice cooker like a slow cooker. You basically dump all the ingredients in and press the lever. I’ve done this hundreds of times to cook many things, so I can vouch for its ease and convenience! I cook for one, so the size is perfect when a Crock-Pot is too large for the task.

I own a Zojirushi brand rice cooker, and it has a steamer tray that fits inside – imagine the savory dishes you can make. I’ve boiled pasta, sautéed onions (for french onion soup), baked/mashed potatoes, hominy casserole, bacon, hard-boiled and scrambled eggs, ramen, sloppy joes, soup stock from beef bones…the possibilities are endless.

Holiday Greetings With The Flying Spaghetti Monster

If you’ve never heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, perhaps you should check it out – people all over the world are gravitating to His Noodly Goodness!!

Apparently it started as a protest at a US university, but a book has been written, and there are followers sharing knowledge and experiences from every corner of the Earth….the followers call themselves “Pastafarians”.  There’s a Pirate element in there somewhere, but the tenets and “shoulds” of the religion are quite palatable. It’s really a good time…just go check it out.

Being touched by “His Noodly Appendage”


Here’s a Christmas-time posting from their website last year:

Merry ChriFSMas and happy Holidays everyone



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