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RetailMeNot – New Balance Shoes Coupon

Dear Readers…

I’m hopeful. I have wide feet (8.5W) and I’m reallllly hoping I can find some comfortable dress shoes. Did you know that New Balance made dress shoes?? I ordered the Aravon style “Anna”, and while they may not be the sexiest dress shoe I’ve ever worn, my new job in retail has my dogs barking up a storm, so I HAVE to try something new!

All shoes I own are either a 9M, 9W, or 8.5W – however, when you have to stand for 8+ hours a day, numbers mean very little. My shoes fit fine as long as I don’t have to stand all day! I have shoes that fit, but not shoes that can bear my weight and give me the comfort I need. And I need shoes that can go with a skirt or pants. I chose some Mary Janes.

Remember – if you have wide feet and/or are in need of a LARGE TOE BOX, you should try to stay with the New Balance brand. I learned years ago about NB’s cozy tennis shoes, and always wished they’d made dress shoes. Not sure when they started doing it, but I’m glad they did. I’ll post a review and photos when I try them out. Crossing my fingers and toes that they’ll work.

Go to RetailMeNot’s online coupons and use one before you order!

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