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‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Season 5 to Feature Cynthia Nixon, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rachel McAdams (Exclusive)

The second season of TLC’s genealogy docu-series “Who Do You Think You Are?” will feature six new journeys with Valerie Bertinelli, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Lauren Graham, Kelsey Grammer, Cynthia Nixon, Rachel McAdams and her sister, Kayleen McAdams.

“A Wooden Lady With A Painted Face…”

This started my fear of mannequins – an old episode of “The Twilight Zone”, starring “Marsha”, a real proper gal who accidentally gets locked in on an imaginary/non-existant floor of a swanky department store. She’s given a hard time by some real bullies! Or, are they real?



Pee Wee’s Playhouse Opening Theme (Sung By Cyndi Lauper)

Pardon the FLASHBACK – and yes, it’s pretty much a flashback, like drugs 😀

I let my son watch this show back in the day, but I’m well aware that certain parents thought it was a horrible show, addled with drug-induced references and colorful, wacky characters…but this is EXACTLY why I let my son watch it! We still reference it today – I’m not ashamed. I wish more kids and parents would watch it. I’m not sure what it inspires, but it teaches, and I’ll accept that any day.

BTW, Cyndi Lauper does a great character voice similar to Betty Boop (remember her?) for this opening theme. She used the same type for her “She’s So Unusual” album, and while kitschy, it’s brilliant. Her “normal” speaking voice is very sultry, and I’d love to hear her do more voiceover work…

▶ Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance! – YouTube

▶ Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance! – YouTube

VIRAL because he’s so articulate and cute, ZOMG!! He’s Chinese and his name is Zhang Junghao.

Pani & Pani and the search for Mr. Lavalava Ep 12 [Samoa] – The Banana Challenge – YouTube

Pani & Pani and the search for Mr Lavalava Ep 12 – The Banana Challenge – YouTube.

I had no idea this existed – this is a friendly competition/reality show that takes place in Samoa. Sexy and eligible warriors are vying for the hand of “Miss Samoa”, and they must prove their mettle by a series of competitions and exercises. This particular one is the last competition of the game – to sell bananas quickly and for a great price. May not relate in your neck of the woods, but the hucksters are creative. Expand your knowledge of world culture and take a peek inside a tropical paradise…

Recommended Cult Classic: “Freaks” [1932]

The Movie “Freaks” – Why It’s A Cult Classic

Gooba – Gobba
Gooba – Gobba
One of us!
One of us!

What does it all mean?!

I own this movie, and it’s hard to believe it was made in 1932. It’s an honest and literal look into the world of 1932 circus-folk. Generally speaking, circus employees are often counted as weird, offbeat, dirty, homeless “freaks” who don’t fit into mainstream society, but this movie showcases their lives as defying those stereotypes. That said, the characters in the movie aren’t just characters – they really WERE “circus freaks”! The more appropriate name is “side show performers”. There are dwarves, a strong man, bearded lady, acrobats, hydroencephalics, armless and legless people, Siamese twins, and a hermaphrodite (Josephine Joseph). Considering many of the “actors” were not, they’ve done a great job.

There are some people who see this movie as very disturbing – it can be unsettling to see people with severe deformities. However, I enjoy the humanity of it. At the end of the day, we’re all people.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but it’s main theme is that you can’t judge a book by its cover, several layers deep. Fascinating study of human and inhuman behavior. The above scene is in reference to the circus people accepting an outsider into their tight-knit group.

“One of us! One of us!” – now you’ll know where it came from!

Pop culture reference: South Park episode – John and Patsy Ramsey

And, of course, the Simpsons did it!

The Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights In England, Scotland, Wales / UK [Feb 27, 2014]

Watch the aurora borealis light show over Scotland

BBC > Graeme Whipps Photo



Northern Lights illuminate the UK


BBC photo


Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Illuminate UK

8 stunning images as aurora borealis light up U.K. sky



Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” Schedule For Feb. 23 – March 5, 2014

As with anything, this is subject to change, but join them!



Date Time Person Description
24 Feb 12pm Jim Sciutto CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent
24 Feb 1pm Stephen Bax Professor – Voynich analyst
24 Feb 2pm Robert May Director, KIDS FOR CASH
24 Feb 3:45pm Robert Rodriguez Director
24 Feb 4pm Stephen Tobolowsky Actor
24 Feb 5:30pm Michael Emerson Actor, Person of Interest, Lost, The Practice
24 Feb 7pm The Fray Grammy-nominated rock band
24 Feb 8:30pm Bill Ritter Co-anchor on WABC-TV
25 Feb 9am Kim Harrison Author, THE UNDEAD POOL
25 Feb 11am Ed Zitron Former journalist, PR expert
25 Feb 11am Crispin Glover Actor
25 Feb 1pm Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen Co-creators, co-writers and co-stars of PORTLANDIA
25 Feb 3pm David Walton Actor, ABOUT A BOY
25 Feb 4pm The Dollyrots Pop punk band
25 Feb 4pm Herschel Weingrod Screenwriter: TRADING PLACES, TWINS, SPACE JAM, Producer: FALLING DOWN
25 Feb 5pm Andrew Young & Andrew “Bo” Young III Civil Rights icon and son
25 Feb 6:30pm Lil Jon Grammy Award winning artist and TV Star
26 Feb 9:30am Shaquille O’Neal Athlete, personality and host of “Upload” on truTV
26 Feb 1pm Ndemic Creations (James Vaughan) Creator of Plague Inc
26 Feb 1pm Carlton Cuse Screenwriter and producer, Lostand Bates Motel
26 Feb 2pm Peter Travers Rolling Stone’s film critic
26 Feb 2pm Gramatik Recording artist
26 Feb 3:30pm Elijah Wood Actor
26 Feb 8pm UCLA Admission UCLA Admission Team
26 Feb 8pm Linh Huynh Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2013
27 Feb 11am PunditFact Team Fact-checking website
27 Feb 12pm Danny Ayalon Israeli diplomat and politician
27 Feb 1pm Dr. David Sloan Wilson, Dr. Anne Clark, Kelly Weinersmith, Dr. Tiffany Taylor and Unidan Evolutionary biologists
27 Feb 2pm Brad Anderson Corporate vice president, Cloud and Enterprise group, Microsoft
27 Feb 3pm Gregg Berger andTom Kenny Voice actors
27 Feb 4pm Chris Carter Writer/creator, X-Files and The After
27 Feb 8pm Rick Farman and Ashley Capps Co-founders of the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
28 Feb 1:30pm Steve Horwitz Austrian Economist, Professor, Libertarian
28 Feb 2pm Ken Tanaka Author and internet sensation
28 Feb 2pm Hugh Dancy Actor, Hannibal
28 Feb 3pm Yuval Adler, Ali Waked Writer-Director & Writer : Bethlehem
28 Feb 3pm Office Online team Microsoft employees
2 Mar 6pm Leroy Chiao Former NASA astronaut and commander of the ISS
3 Mar 12pm Marcus Lemonis Host, CNBC’s The Profit
4 Mar 12pm Malin Ackerman Actress
4 Mar 2pm Jesse Ventura Governor, Vet, Wrestler, TV Host
4 Mar 6:30pm Jason Bateman Actor / director, BAD WORDS
5 Mar 11am Richard Rawlings Star of The Discovery Channel’s series “Fast N’ Loud”

Why I Stand With Phil Robertson

Hello dear readers,

Just a posting to let you know that I stand with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson – and a brief explanation of why.

My bottom line is this: I don’t care, or want to know about, people’s sexuality. Which means, I don’t care if someone is gay or straight. I have plenty of other things to worry about in life other than what people said about homosexuality…that’s not about me, anyway. Yes, I know what the Bible says about it, but as a Christian, I find it entirely invasive to ask or talk to people about their sexuality, and I won’t answer questions about mine.

You may be a different flavor of Christian than I am. You won’t get an argument outta me for that reason alone. Even if you’re not a Christian, think how you’d like.

The show “Duck Dynasty” is realllllly funny, IMHO, so I’d watch it regardless of the family’s religious beliefs.

There’s a hugely supportive Facebook page that someone started:

Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty

The A&E channel who produces the “Duck Dynasty” show is allowed to suspend anyone they want, but they’ve got to deal with the backlash. The Robertson family, if it wanted, could totally produce their own show – say whatever they want, do whatever they want – and still have a gazillion viewers. A&E isn’t needed at this point.
So…my support is for free speech. Phil Robertson did nothing illegal, and he’s entitled to his own opinion.
Talk on!
Cousin Belle