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Cousin Belle’s New iPad Skins Released!

Giving credit where it’s due, these designs were automagically updated by Zazzle!

Dark Circuit Board iPad 2 Skin

Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life iPad 2 Decal

NEW! “Dark Circuit Board” Designs


Dark Circuit Board mugs

see on 7 styles or 52 products

Dark Circuit Board buttons

see on 2 styles or 52 products

Dark Circuit Board t-shirts

Dark Circuit Board cards

see on 2 styles or 52 products

Dark Circuit Board aprons

“Truth + Justice…For Those Who Can Afford It” Skin For iPhone 2G by CousinBelles

For the cynic in you…

THANK YOU For Purchasing the “Rustic Birdhouse Skin” For The Nook by CousinBelles

THANK YOU for purchasing this!

Blessing your heart, Cousin Belle

Neptunalia Ipad 3 Decals by CousinBelles

This is normally celebrated on or around July 23rd.  



Neptunalia Ipad 3 Decals

Rehoboth Beach Delaware – Rehoboth Avenue Scene Skin For Ipad 3 by CousinBelles