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New Zazzle iPhone Cases…Some Designs Kinda Run Off The Case…Um…


I’m not angry or anything, but I’m frustrated – when Zazzle released their newer iPhone cases, they automagically added our designs to their cases and released them. THANK YOU! 

That said…some of our designs didn’t end up centered and wound up wrapping around the cases, causing either lettering to “run off”, or the design to look odd or make the case practically un-buyable. Is that a word?

The concept of 3D sublimation printing on phone cases seems to work fine, but I haven’t bought one from Zazzle yet. I presume that most designs are OK to wrap, continuing the effect all the way around the case gives it the cool 3D effect you’re looking for. However, some of my designs only work in 2D, I guess you’d say!

Anyway, I’m glad some of my designs worked out – I just can’t find a way to fix the ones that don’t. If anyone knows of a way to recenter or resize the designs that don’t “fit”, please feel free to let me know….thanks in advance!



Cousin Belle’s New iPad Skins Released!

Giving credit where it’s due, these designs were automagically updated by Zazzle!

Dark Circuit Board iPad 2 Skin

Keep Calm In The Seas Of Life iPad 2 Decal

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Florida White Flamingos Pastel

ZazzleWhiteFlamingosFlorida White Flamingos t-shirts

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NEW! Rainbow Banding Design For Your Electronics

As a child of the 70s, I grew up with lots of rainbows…love the light spectrum! 

And yes, I had a set of Mork rainbow suspenders 😀


Rainbow Banding skinsRainbow Banding skins

NEW! Abstract Pink And Blue Design

For those of you who like abstract designs…

Pink & Blue Abstract skins

NEW! Curly Q Sunshine – Customizable

I had no quippy statements to write on this one, so I made it with the thought that you could create your own:


NEW! “Dark Circuit Board” Designs


Dark Circuit Board mugs

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Dark Circuit Board buttons

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Dark Circuit Board t-shirts

Dark Circuit Board cards

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Dark Circuit Board aprons

NEW! Vintage Victorian Grunge – Chocolate Swirls Pattern

Vintage Victorian Grunge - Chocolate Swirls ipad mini cases

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NEW! Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas for Spring – or anytime of year…

Blue Hydrangea Blossoms ipad mini cases

Blue Hydrangea Blossoms teapots


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Blue Hydrangea Blossoms ties