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“Sundays Are The Worst” If You Work At A Restaurant…

“Sundays Are The Worst”

WELL, WELL, WELL…where do I start with THIS one??

I won’t bash people, I promise, but I have to share this website with my blog followers and the rest of the internet. It’s a site for servers to explain how they were mistreated by “Christians” and a church will apologize on the mistreater’s behalf – a kind of proxy repentance. I like this. A lot.

Pastor Chad Roberts of Preaching Christ Church in Kingsport, Tennessee – bless his heart literally – became aware that there is a lot of truth to this disdain for being waitstaff working on this day due to the poor treatment. I can attest and affirm that Sundays are the worst. I don’t work in the food service industry anymore; I cannot stand the hypocrisy of fellow “Christians” and how nasty and demanding they can be, and I believe we (Christians) need to expose this so-called Christian nastiness to the world so it will stop.

I used to call it “low tip, no tip Sunday” because the after-church goers were notorious for not only low tipping, but no tipping, and nasty complaints. Oh, how they’d lie about food quality and lousy service – I don’t give lousy service, so what gives? And these patrons were supposedly Christian.

What would Jesus do? He would tip.

‘Sundays Are The Worst’ Website Urges Christians To Tip Better

‘Sundays Are the Worst’ Website Lets Waiters Anonymously Vent About Horrible Experiences With Christian Customers


Happy Easter And Stuff…

Hello and Happy Easter to all my blog subscribers and dear readers!! 

As some of you may know, my beliefs are Christian, but I get cheeky on occasion. Yes, I have R-rated tshirts for sale, but I believe laughter keeps you happier. I don’t see any irony or contradiction; I’m not out making terror in this world – mostly having fun in it. Bring on the funny!!

I have a wide-open sense of humor that can appreciate all forms of it, and the photo below is no exception; no offense meant. No, there’s no correlation between dying chicken eggs and the Resurrection, but here ya go:

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine


NEW! “St. Mattress Of The Springs” Church

“St. Mattress Of The Springs” Church – do you attend every Sunday?

Now you’re in on the joke 😀