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“Churches using GPS to keep track of Baby Jesus”

Remember my post last year about Lordnapping? Well, a GPS device embedded within our Lord shall track the sinful thief…I spy with my little eye, a guy who’s going to jail for Jesus…

Churches using GPS to keep track of Baby Jesus

Read more: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/24277120/churches-using-gps-to-keep-track-of-baby-jesus#ixzz2oD5wtNcS

Lordy!! Lord Crashes The Lord!!

Ya’ll, I could not make this up!!! One of two nativity scene crashers is named “Lord”!!!

I love the punny quips by the town’s mayor…

WBOC – Salisbury, MD News

“Nativity Scene Crashers Caught in Federalsburg”


 Police arrested John Lord and Michael Thomas for the alleged destruction.


“We got some of the Wise Men here, some of the Wise Men over there and two wise guys in jail,” Beall said.


“They took the camel out and four other animals and all just right in front of the baby Jesus who was watching, probably not real happy,” Beall said.


“Nothing says Happy New Year like putting two grinches in the pokey,” he said.